About AltF Coworking

About Us:

The word “coworking” as it is known today originates with a concept put forth by Brad Neuberg in 2005. It is directly related to Neuberg’s original concept and had since evolved into a decentralized movement centered on a core set of shared values: Community, Openness, Collaboration, Accessibility, and Sustainability.

AltF Coworking is working towards utilizing under-utilized spaces and turning them into Coworking Spaces which would be known under one brand “AltF CoWorking”.

At AltF Coworking, today we take this concept a step further by adding, as our names suggests, the concept of Alternative Functionality. We believe that as communities grow, people should always move towards accommodating professional aspects of a working as well. Our main aim is to provide premium and good quality spaces at economical pricing to everyone so as to wipe off the hindrance of starting up i.e a place to work.

What Defines Us?

We believe in building a private work environment in a co-working space. We focus on providing much more productive and personalized workspace which promotes its community members into focusing primarily in the work at the same time not losing out on the interactive space which helps companies grow.

A professional work-front and a casual space provides businesses to interact as businesses and not just as community members while in their work pressure, exemplifying the concept of “Work when you work, Play when you play.” Each aspect of the work environment is curated in a way that that our philosophies are evident. From a highly trained support staff to a dedicated team to handle any concerns that a client could face, our objective is to ensure that people working should be provided with a space which nurtures their complete potential.

The core values of AltF are reflected in the space design as well where in a close balance between Work & Leisure is evidently maintained; with no intermingling between the two sections but a close association between the working of both spaces.

What Founders Say:

Sarthak: Our vision with AltF Coworking is to have a vast coworking space broken into smaller ones to be present in every area . We want AltF Coworking to be in every neighborhood helping people and corporates to have their work spaces in every locality so as to solve the problem of people travelling hours for their work.

Yogesh: With a vision of AltF Coworking being present everywhere, we do not restrict AltF Coworking just as a space provider, AltF Coworking is forming a community of which office spaces are just a part. AltF Coworking would be an environment filled with networking, services, support to all kind of start-ups in every sense to make the concept of shared economy successful.