5 Best Places in Delhi NCR for Renting Co-working Space

Today, work is more than just about securing the means for existence. It is about productivity, it is about innovation and it is definitely about creating sustainable solutions for ensuring a safe life for the current and the next generation. Co-working spaces in this regard are playing a key role in breaking old stereotypes associated with work. No longer do businesses need to have deep pockets to own a smart office that serves all their needs. Co-working spaces are ready-to-move-in which means businesses have to pay only for the services they subscribe to.

While co-working spaces have been a success across all major cities in the world, its impact in India is especially noteworthy. India, the world’s youngest nation, has been a nursery of ideas but it has always lacked a dynamic support system. AltF coworking spaces are proving to be perfect support systems for businesses of every size.

The first thing which was in our mind when deciding on our locations was to ensure that every AltF coworking was conveniently located to make the commute easy. But this is just the first among the many factors that make AltF coworking spaces the most preferred choice for shared and private working spaces. Our spaces are located in major corporate centers giving every tenant the appeal and glitter of a corporate environment at the most affordable price.

In this blog, we highlight the key features that make our multiple locations in Delhi NCR the best co-working space in the area.

1. AltF Empire Square

5 Best Places in Delhi NCR for Renting Co-working Space

AltF Empire Square has all the ingredients that make for a great co-working space. Conveniently located in JMD Empire Square Mall near Sikanderpur, it is just a few minutes drive from the Faridabad-Gurgaon Road. The space is tailored to fit all your private office needs. Every nook and corner is carefully designed to make work easy and productive. As far as the location is concerned, the empire square is one of the most valued corporate estates, boasting of some of the biggest names from the business world.

2. AltF Global Foyer

5 Best Places in Delhi NCR for Renting Co-working Space

AltF Global Foyer is your key to a private office space in the most premium location in Delhi NCR. Located on the golf course road in sector 43, AltF Global Foyer is the most easy-to-reach office space that a business could wish for. The space is smartly designed to offer every amenity that make work easy and productive. Renting a coworking space in the heart of India’s political and cultural capital was never so affordable and easy.

3. AltF Success Tower

5 Best Places in Delhi NCR for Renting Co-working Space

True to its name, the AltF Success Tower has all the makings of office space that make work easy and extremely productive. Carefully selected to add that X factor to a business address, the AltF success tower is located near the Sector 56 Metro Station and has everything that you ever desired from a dream office space. The amenities coupled with the community managers make it a place that you can call your second home. Flexible pricing plans and fair policies further ensure that you get exactly what you pay for.

4. AltF Campus

5 Best Places in Delhi NCR for Renting Co-working Space

Who would not prefer a co-working space in Delhi NCR’s corporate center?. The AltF Campus in sector-44 offers more than just a world-class corporate space. It is located near the Huda City Center Metro Station which means reaching to work is never a problem for employees. Equally amazing is the office space which is in line with AltF’s commitment to making uber-cool and self-sustaining office spaces available for one and all.

5. AltF Noida Expressway

5 Best Places in Delhi NCR for Renting Co-working Space

Renting an office near the Noida expressway is a wish that is hard to come true for most business owners. Our Noida expressway location in sector 132 helps businesses realize that wish. The locations are strategically chosen so that businesses can concentrate on work while AltF takes care of everything else. Compared to renting a private office space that would involve substantial upfront costs and long term agreements, the AltF Noida expressway pricing seems miserly. And not to mention the amenities and the community managers that ensure that business keeps on running uninterrupted.

To find an affordable yet modern office space in the already populated Delhi-NCR region can be life long headache for businesses. Our multiple locations across various corporate centers of Delhi-NCR is an attempt to free business owners with the undesired workload of finding a premium yet cost-effective workspace. Visit AltF coworking office spaces near you and rent a shared or private office space that brings agility and productivity to your business.

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