With the advent of the world wide web, the concept of the global village has taken hold of the corporate realm, leading to diverse work styles and modes of collaboration. Facilitating the rise of the remote worker, a performance management software can monitor employee productivity irrespective of their virtual office space location. More individuals are opting for a virtual office in Gurgaon, wherein one can be an integral part of any business organization while working within the confines of their home.

Despite the facilities offered by remote working, it does not ensure immunity from a burnout. Even the most dedicated remote workers can find themselves feeling disengaged, unmotivated, or exhausted regardless of their schedule and nature of work. It can be especially challenging for those who work in different time zones or deal with clients who speak in a first language different from their own. However, there are six ways by which remote workers can achieve ideal work/life balance, and they are explained as follows:

1. Build a Routine

As a remote worker, you can exercise more freedom than traditional, desk-bound professionals when it comes to building a schedule. Try to discern your most productive hours during the day and build your work schedule around that. Also, set aside a stipulated time period for everyday errands and outings with friends and family. It might take some time to find a daily rhythm that suits your needs and lifestyle while allowing you to enjoy your leisure time.

2. Enforce Boundaries

When it comes to communication during remote working, you might think that you need to be constantly accountable for your work and productivity – however, it is a path leading to burnout. After finalizing upon your daily schedule, you will be able to decide when you are available for calls with your boss, clients, or coworkers. Let them know when you will be accessible and make sure to set boundaries, so they know when not to call. Share this schedule with your friends and family, so they don’t block your phone line during work hours.

3. Exercise Flexibility

Remote work offers unique opportunities for exercising flexibility. It is best to take advantage of this fact – due to the lack of fixed work timings you can introduce a change in your routine once in a while, to switch things up. Travel is also a great way to widen your horizons, heighten creativity, and help you refocus on your work with a refreshed attitude.

4. Stay Productive

Set up a designated work desk so that you don’t end up lazing on your couch or bed all day. To combat the temptation to slack off, stretch intermittently and pace around during a work call. This will not only be good for your muscles and energy but also help you attain higher levels of productivity and tackle more tasks. Maintaining a to-do list can also help you maintain focus and accomplish tasks within pre-ascertained deadlines.

5. Take Care of Your Body

It is common for remote workers to get so caught up in work, that they forget to eat or drink on time. Irrespective of the volume of your workload, it is paramount to stay hydrated and well fed. You need the necessary fuel to work in a constructive manner, and if you neglect your basic needs, you will not be able to contribute in concrete ways. Keep a large bottle of water near you at all times and take breaks in between so that you can snack or have your meals on time. Practise stretching exercises for your neck, spine and legs in order to mitigate the harm caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Take longer breaks if you feel unwell – don’t neglect your well-being in the process.

6. Value Your Lifestyle

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to adopt the remote work lifestyle – you should utilise the pros of remote working to your advantage and value it. You can easily take an hour off from your schedule and go about doing something you love, such as painting, yoga, or writing poetry. It will help you combat monotony and keep you motivated while you work.

While it might prove to be daunting at first, with the right kind of planning, one can create a healthy work/life balance while working remotely from a virtual office space. Avoid burning out by alternating work and leisure, and maintain productivity by enjoying your life to the fullest!