When individuals work in a team, for instance, a group working at a coworking office space in Gurgaon, they automatically transform into a community of close-knit individuals with shared objectives. Member engagement is crucial for all coworking space owners and one way to do so is to implement compelling content ideas. All content is based on ideas and these ideas must cater to the needs and preferences of the target audience – in this case, your coworking community. As quality content is the best ally for an active and thriving community, here are 7 content ideas to engage and motivate your coworking members.

1. News Related To Your Own Space
Keep your members well-informed via news posts, press releases, articles and relevant blogs. This type of content will not only provide content to your members but also drive engagement and spark discussions. You can talk about interesting activities taking place within your space, such as meetups, workshops, events, prospective collaborations and recreational ventures.

2. Tutorials
This kind of content enables you to share information with your members – content framed around ‘how to’ guidelines is bound to help your coworking community in effective ways. Tutorials can be replete with screenshots, explanatory videos and in-depth technical information. Before going through these steps, it is important to identify the issues or questions your members might be struggling with. You could hold a meeting in order to garner an idea about the areas in which guidance and help are required. You can churn out content elaborating the enrollment and registration process, new requirements, community policies and potential plans for future pursuits.

3. Clarify Your Core Agenda
Your coworking business must be driven by a vision that you wish to materialize into reality. Writing content around your core agenda can help members connect with the space better. They can also help you further your agenda once they have a clear understanding of the same. Apart from this, always keep your community updated regarding important dates and events to come. Create a calendar to schedule weekly activities, such as meetups, workshops, birthday parties or get-togethers.

While quotes might seem cliché, using ones that sync with your venture’s USP can be extremely impactful. After all, one must never underestimate the power of well-chosen words. Find out what your coworking members are interested in, and search for quotes accordingly. Refrain from using overused quotations – instead, target new ideas that will inspire your members to work towards their goals. Pair up your quotations with compelling images, for instance, if you are featuring a quote on why coworking members have the best lifestyle, accompany it with a quirky and colorful image that drives the idea home.

5. Member Achievements
Highlight the achievements of members – this will bring about a positive impact on the rest of the team and encourage them to do more in order to accomplish their goals. Whenever an individual is named the employee of the month, or the marketing team publishes breakthrough research, or a new product is launched by a group of individuals, share the news and host celebratory get-togethers in order to express solidarity.

6. Surveys
Surveys are essential for encouraging discussions and garnering feedback regarding what’s working and what’s not. Apart from providing a good chance for participation, surveys lead you towards better and more dynamic content for your coworking space. If you want to ensure participation, you can promise a special reward for achieving a specific number of responses. You can also tag influencers along with the most active members of your community.

7. Expert Advice
Industry experts provide valuable insights via seminars, workshops and interactive events. Featuring expert advice will help your members broaden their vision on niche topics and contemporary trends. Videos fare better when it comes to longer content formats. Post measuring reach and impact, you can reach out to these experts and request collaboration. An interview with a well-known industry stalwart will bring positive attention to your coworking space and community.

To sum up, create content that caters to the USP of your coworking space and the preferences of your members. Personalized, quality content can go a long way to inspire and rejuvenate your community and attract greater successes for your space in the future.