Changing work-environment expectations have led to a significant change in the type of office spaces that organizations are seeking for their workforce. The trend has also been influenced by the exponential rise in the demand for commercial spaces on rent. As a result, freelancers, start-ups, along with small and medium businesses find the concept of coworking office space truly appealing.  However, with the growing popularity of these low-cost and low-maintenance office spaces, it has become important for the providers to deliver the most exclusive spaces which impress the clients instantaneously. Discussed below are the 7 key factors that can play a key role in the creation of such spaces:

1. Focus on Proper Space Utilization

It is a common perception that co-working spaces need to be quite large and extensive. However, it is possible to successfully implement the concept of co-working even in small spaces. The key is to focus on proper utilization of space through experimentation with designing the most functional and convenient solutions. Using elements such as retractable walls or tables that can be easily moved and joined as per need, can enhance the practicality of the designs. In addition, it is also important to ensure that electrical points and outlets are placed strategically and in appropriate numbers for effective space development.

2. Easy Availability of Basic Office Amenities

One of the key reasons that have made co-working spaces so popular, is that, they offer the tenants easy and affordable access to various office amenities. With most people attracted by the idea of getting low cost or even free services, it has become essential for people intending to develop a co-working office space in Gurgaon, to offer basic office amenities at subsidized rates. These amenities generally include high-speed WiFi connectivity, facility to print and photocopy documents, whiteboards, projectors and other audio-visual tools along with separate spaces for using them. In addition, it is also important for such spaces to have a well-supplied pantry, with a lounge-cum-kitchen that offers the tenants a place to relax and unwind.

3. Create Perfect Balance Between Private & Public Areas

Almost every good co-working space features open areas along with private rooms and cabins. However, the developers of such spaces should be able to strike a perfect balance between these two types of spaces. The tenants should be able to make a choice between working in informal environments of open spaces and the more formal settings of private cabins. The furnishings of each type of space should be in accordance with the types of setting they offer. Thus it would look nice to have more informal seating options in open areas, while the private rooms and cabins should have formal workstations and along with appropriate chairs etc.

4. Invest in Distinguished & Aesthetically Appealing Interiors

The interior decor of any work space goes a long way in motivating the people working there. That is why it is important for people developing co-working spaces to focus on originality and innovation while choosing the interior decor.  The modern workforce does not find the plain whitewashed or wallpapered interiors too exciting or motivating. Rather they want the interiors to exude a sense of energy and freshness that not only mesmerises them but also inspires them. The fact that most coworking office spaces boast of unorthodox and awe-inspiring interiors that imitate a hip and eccentric look, is one of the top reasons for drawing people towards them. However, it is equally important for the developers of such spaces to not overdo things as it might make the space look unprofessional.

5. Offer Ample Storage Solutions

Addressing the storage issues of the tenants in a satisfying manner is essential for ensuring the success of any co-working space. For this, it is important to invest in lockers, drawers, cupboards and other storage solutions that form an integral part of office infrastructure. The tenants should be able to store their important and confidential documents without having to worry about them getting misplaced, accessed without proper authorization or worse, stolen.

6. Proper Entertainment & Recreation Facilities

Among the various benefits offered by coworking office spaces that have enhanced their popularity, the provision of appropriate entertainment and recreational facilities is paramount. For this, the developers of such spaces need to make sure that they include a gaming area or an entertainment zone within the premises, that is accessible for all tenants. These areas provide mental relaxation for the workers right at their place of work, which in turn, enhances their productivity.

7. Efficient Management of Tenants

One of the key parameters for ensuring the success of a coworking space in Gurgaon is the efficient management of tenants by developers. It is important to ensure that the tenants are able to coexist in a peaceful and cordial manner. For this, the developers should organize interactive sessions and other events that can help bring the community closer.