7 Myths about Co-working Space Busted!

With businesses expanding and moving to newer cities to capture a wider audience, the need for office spaces that cultivate productivity and ease has been on the rise. Businesses look for offices that provide them with the necessary space, seamless connectivity, and the flexibility to customize the area as per their needs. In the face of the traditional model of buying or renting the entire space, intellectuals came with the novel innovation of coworking spaces.

The idea of sharing an office space with other like-minded entrepreneurs and enterprises had its own benefits but raised quite a lot of eyebrows. In the wake of all the doubts, the idea of coworking even got tangled in a few myths that soured the idea for many. However, these ‘myths’ do not actually hold any ground in the reality of working in a shared workspace. Here are 7 myths about coworking, busted!

What are the Common Myths About Coworking Spaces?

Coworking is for Hippies and Start-ups: As absurd as that may sound to even say it out loud, the common notion is that coworking is for the hipsters and start-ups. While it is true that coworking initially began for freelancers and self-employed people, the diversity that it has brought to the landscape of office space options is tremendous. A number of large corporations have also begun to choose coworking spaces over traditional office spaces.

Coworking Is Noisy and Full of Loud People: It is more likely the two different ways a word can be pronounced; To-ma-toe, Tuh-mah-toe. Coworking spaces are buzzing with social and business activities. More so, coworking spaces are great for networking and finding great connections to help a business or an individual grow. Yet, with all the activity, there is also always the option to find a quiet corner for some peace while working.

Just an Office Space on Rent: Technically, coworking spaces are rented offices. However, the catch in this is that unlike traditional office spaces, coworking spaces are more likely to be flexible in several ways including utilities, tenant agreements, and lease agreements. In addition, coworking spaces are considerably cost-effective when costs associated with launching a company are taken into consideration.

A Bane to Confidentiality and Private Conversations: For businesses, it is important that all the information about clients and work remains inside a closed knit circle. In a coworking office, your space is strictly yours to keep. Information security is always ensured in coworking spaces by providing secure internet access, and if need be, with private workspace as well. There is no chance that someone might be listening to a private and privileged conversation causing a breach.

Younger Demographics:While chances are that a majority of professionals in a coworking environment will be young, or as people like to call them, Millennials, the truth shows up a little differently in stats. The average age of people working in coworking spaces in the current times is slightly over 30 years. This data is also owed to the increased involvement of bigger corporations coming into a closed knit community that was predominantly occupied by start-ups, which gave birth to the belief of coworking spaces being only occupied by young professionals and Millenials.

Coworking is Only for Tech Professionals and Niche Industry Entrepreneurs:Yes, the current scope of the world towards integrating technology in almost everything is really big. Yes, there is a large trend of entrepreneurs trying to scale niche industries. However, those are not the only two occupants in coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are becoming a great option for professionals from all industries and throughout all verticals, be it marketers, freelancers, or just about any startup.

One Size Fits All:No two businesses are ever alike, much like no two office spaces are the same. The flexibility of using the space as per the convenience and requirement of the business is what makes Coworking Spaces not only favourable but also unique in the approach of solving issues. Businesses often increase or reduce in size as they grow, and the flexibility of coworking spaces is in the way that it adapts to the change quickly and efficiently.

7 myths about coworking, busted!

Coworking spaces are being the preferred way of working as they are the perfect model of all-inclusive, dynamic, and functioning workspace that takes the weight of several responsibilities away from the business. If your business is just taking off and needs a ready to move office space in Delhi , AltF Coworking is defining the luxury of private offices in coworking spaces, with options that fit all team sizes. Request a callback with an expert and get on the phone in less than 60 seconds.