Post being introduced into the world of coworking spaces, one is likely to be invited to a host of events. These events range from new product launches to networking workshops to bi-weekly get-togethers, which pave way for lucrative networking opportunities and insightful learning curves. As an ambitious corporate professional, you might be looking forward to hosting your own event at a coworking office space. It is not only a wonderful way to showcase your efforts but also helps take networking to a whole new level. Apart from having access to the facilities provided by your own space, you will receive guidance from the community manager, who will help you host a successful event. Here are a few tips for hosting a successful event at your coworking space:

1. Start Small, Think Smart

Don’t dive headfirst into the idea of hosting a big, gala-like gathering. It is better to focus on your skill set and keep it small. A relaxed and efficient way of hosting an event is to host lunches, wherein professionals can have a good time while sharing their expertise in specific areas. It is an informal way of showcasing one’s talents and learning from one’s peers.

2. Take Help from your Community Manager

The community manager is your most valuable asset when it comes to planning and managing your event. They can grant you proper guidance in terms of how one can promote their event, plan room layouts in an ergonomic manner, and execute event-related tasks in an effective manner. Moreover, they also offer help after an event, easing the flow of certain tasks.

3. Collaborate with a Fellow Coworker

In case you are anxious about hosting an event on your own, you could partner up with a fellow coworker to carry out the same. Some individuals are gifted with deft organizational skills, and teaming up with such an individual will allow you to execute your ideas in better ways. A group of like-minded professionals can also come together and host events in a fruitful manner.

4. Connect with your Community

Make sure to promote your event amongst your coworking community. You can promote your event in the form of a newsletter, blog, social media post, or on your website. Connecting with your fellow coworkers before an event is also crucial to gauge what they are expecting out of it, and what topics they want you to address and cover.

5. Don’t Let Anxiety Control You

Try not to lose your composure just before the big day. Holding an event at your coworking space is emblematic of the fact that your team is rooting for you and has your back, hence there is nothing to be anxious over. Also, your community manager will always be there to guide you throughout the process.

6. Employ Your Networking Abilities

The driving factor behind the hosting of most events is the announcement of new businesses. In order to make the most out of this opportunity, make sure to network before, during and after the event. Connect with as many people as you can, and ask your community manager to keep a record of attendees, as this will make things easier.

7. Follow up with Gratitude

Make sure you follow up with the list of attendees with the help of a quick email expressing thanks and gratitude. You can also embed a feedback mechanism while linking your work within the email. This will allow you to host a better event next time and leave a lasting impression on the audience members.

So, what are you waiting for? Host a wonderful event at your coworking space and steal the corporate spotlight!