All About Shared Office Space

A shared office space or co sharing space is nothing but a pay as you use office. You basically pay for the utilities you are actually using and not for an entire space unlike traditional office. A shared office, it is usually managed by an operator that helps you give you the right space on flexible terms.

The biggest benefit is that a variety of parties can utilize their dedicated office space thus helping in sharing the cost of the rent, overheads and bills.

The Concept of Shared Office

The host offers a fully furnished and well-equipped space that any business might need. This includes internet, phone, furniture, stationeries, and printers. You usually get a licensed agreement for using the space. You may also get the flexibility of short-term agreement rather than the multi-year lease. One such place to look for is AltF coworking office. With its flexible terms and friendly atmosphere, it makes an ideal platform to thrive.

What Are The Benefits Of Shared Office Space?

  • When you share office with synergistic business, it means you can explore numerous opportunities just at one place. Co sharing space has always shown greater employee engagement as it offers exciting and dynamic culture within the workspace.
  • It’s instant! You are not buying a property and then furnishing it. All you have to do is reserve your room/desk, pay the requisite amount and you can straight away start your work without wasting any time.
  • Steer clear of the feeling of isolation. When you are coworking, you have people around you from various organizations. Their zeal and dedication will undoubtedly give you the positive vibe of being productive along with giving you the chance to interact.
  • You don’t have to pay for the whole floor plan. You can always go for monthly or yearly plans. AltF coworking space gives you the flexibility in terms of rental plans as well as choosing your desired workspace.
  • Shared Office Space Options Available According To Your Size

    There are various types of rooms and desks available to help you get what you need. You certainly won’t spend a huge amount on a room that can accommodate 50 people with a workforce of only 20. Hence, AltF coworking space has come up with a variety of plans to suit everyone’s needs.

  • Team Office– It accommodates 21-50 members and is ideal for SME’s.
  • Team Room– This office accommodates 1-20 members and is suitable for startups.
  • Dedicated Seat– If you are a freelancer or a consultant and want your own dedicated seat, this is exactly what you need.
  • Enterprise Office– It offers a beautiful space that accommodates less than 50 members and is perfect for corporates.
  • Director Cabin– A cabin for individuals like managers/CXO’s.
  • Virtual Office– If you want to create your presence in multiple locations, this is the one for you. It is ideal for SME’s and corporates.
  • Meeting Rooms– For all the internal discussions and important meetings, this room is ideal for teams.
  • The Facilities to Enjoy in Shared Office Space

    Shared Office Space lets you enjoy all the perks just like any other office.

  • Stay refreshed throughout the day when you get access to drinks, snacks and other refreshments during the breaks. Everything is included in the membership of the company.
  • This is not it. You get basic facilities like projectors, storage lockers, fax machines, printers, stationeries, and mailboxes. Overall, AltF coworking office gives you a positive experience to bring out the best out of your venture.
  • How about a terrace garden to lighten your mood? AltF shared office space offers a terrace garden to help you relax. Take a stroll along with a cup of brewing coffee to make your next few hours in the office super productive!
  • Work, Interact, Enjoy, Repeat!

    A co sharing space gives you all the reason to leave the traditional way of working in office. You not only get to work in the most productive environment, but also get the opportunity to interact with many. This keeps away your boredom and makes you feel energetic even when the day ends.

    Coworking office is bliss as it offers a mixed environment to uplift you. AltF has its properties in Gurgaon and Noida making it an ideal location for any business enterprise. With easy availability of conveyance, restaurants and malls, you can always head out for a quick break. It also improves your image in front of the clients when they understand you have an address at a prime location.

    Take a Tour

    Make sure you visit AltF for a quick tour to understand its policies and the amenities it offers. You can always book or reserve your seat online. For any queries you can drop a mail at In case you want to interact instantly, you can call at 9821593811/9821593815.

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