Bestravelz’s Experience With AltF Co-Working

Bestravelz is a startup based on providing tour-packages and best of class experience. I sat down with Mr. Kunal Chandwani (Founder) to know more.

How did you come upon the idea of Bestravelz?

I have been in the touring industry for the past seven years, I had a company with a different name known as M D Tours and Travels located out of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. We recently decided to stir things up a little and starting up in Gurgaon.

What is your aim?

In a market dominated by major aggregators with pocket exorbitant packages, we at Bestravelz aim at providing the best of class experience at pocket-friendly prices to the masses. Thanks to years of experience, we have learned how to handle every individual traveler’s varied needs and have successfully entered not only the leisure tourism industry but also ventured into Group Tours and Religious Tourism markets, adding a completely different dimension to the company’s bouquet of services.

Why did you choose coworking instead opting for a personal office?

Although we were a seven-year-old foundation we did not want to spend too much money until we have had made a foothold in the market. Moreover, currently, I am the only full-time operative in Gurgaon and it wouldn’t have made any sense to get a full-fletched office for a single employee. You said you’re the only full-time operative in Gurgaon? How does the company function then? We have a B2B network of agents and companies, we have tie ups with airlines, hotels and other entities involved in a tour. We receive bookings, make arrangements and notify the related entities accordingly. It does not need a large manual work-force from our side and thus I am able to handle it all alone.

Why did you choose AltF? How was your experience?

Choosing AltF was not that big a thing for me as it was the only place I visited and saw for myself, I stumbled across AltF and I finalized it immediately and I have not been disappointed. The prices and the services offered are unmatched. The best part of AltF is its work-culture and the friendly atmosphere which makes it a great place to work at!