A coworking space is a wonderful setting for professionals to connect, create, and collaborate. These spaces have become popular for their flexibility, owing to the fact that there are no set hours, creating a productive, yet laid-back atmosphere. However, one still needs to follow a set of etiquette in order to maintain a certain degree of order and professionalism. This fosters a pleasant working environment that hinges upon harmony and mutual respect.

Keep Noise in Check
Coworking spaces are social hubs wherein professionals from all walks of life come together to work. While open offices facilitate the constant flow of ideas and fruitful discussions, these spaces can often get noisy and chaotic during peak hours. Try and keep your noise level in check – if answering telephone calls is a major part of your everyday work, move out to areas where phone calls are allowed, or use the meeting room. Do not indulge in loud conversations while everyone is working, as it can be incredibly distracting and might leave an unfavourable impression on your coworkers.

Be Mindful of Confidentiality
While the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is making businesses more mindful of confidentiality, it is important for employees to make sure that they do not end up sharing sensitive information in front of those around them. It is best to share confidential information over encrypted emails and completely private phone calls.

Follow Meeting Room Etiquette
Many coworking spaces offer meeting rooms as a part of their package. However, one must be mindful that these meeting rooms are being shared by all businesses across the space, hence it is crucial to allow others to also use the same. Do not book the meeting room for tasks that can be executed elsewhere – do it when it is absolutely necessary. Make sure that the room is clean and ready for use for the next group of individuals accessing the room.

Keep Things Clean
Many professionals tend to neglect the aspect of cleanliness in their office spaces. As the cleaning staff might not be available in the office building 24×7, it should be your personal responsibility to make sure that your desk is clean at all times. Refrain from littering the office unnecessarily.

Mind Your Table Manners
While it is completely okay to eat or drink coffee at your desk, make sure that you follow certain table manners while doing so. Remember to offer food to those around you and make sure you do not make a mess, eat or chew too loudly, or cause inconvenience to others in any manner.

Take Active Part in Community Events
It is crucial to actively participate in coworking community events, as it promotes a sense of bonding and amity. Even if you are not particularly interested in team building events or social get-togethers, do participate in the occasional office lunch or in an after-hours gaming competition. This is a wonderful way to let off steam and connect with your fellow workers at the same time. Moreover, these events might lead to lucrative networking opportunities, which in turn, can lead to bigger professional opportunities.

When people search for ‘the best coworking space near me’ on Google, they look for a space filled with mature, responsible and respectful individuals, who work in sync to meet common objectives. Hence, we should do our part in order to meet these expectations and be generous in spirit and action. Only then, we can get the best out of our coworking experience.