The startup boom in India also popularized the concept of co-working spaces across the country. These spaces offered the various infrastructure facilities to the start-ups enhancing their overall growth rate within the industry. However, today the demand for co-working office space is no longer restricted to start-ups and small businesses. Rather, they have also become a favored option for large businesses seeking more productive and cost-effective office space solutions. Given that most large business organizations already have well located corporate offices, most people actually wonder about the relevance of co-working spaces for such ventures.

Need of Coworking Spaces for Big Businesses

All businesses, irrespective of their size, need to provide their employees with an engaging workspace that inspires happiness and productivity. However, an unpredictable future that can lead to fluctuation in headcount resources makes it difficult for business organizations to design such workspaces on their own. Other factors that hinder the creation of such spaces for even large business organizations include a significant rise in the real estate costs, overhead expenses and the need for networking opportunities. In this context, a coworking space in Gurgaon or any other city can prove to be a viable solution as they help big businesses to cut down the unnecessary costs while enhancing the creativity and productivity of their workforce.

Making Effective Use of Coworking Spaces

As mentioned before, most big businesses already have well established corporate offices at prime locations. So, it becomes imperative for them to make effective use of the co-working spaces rented out by them to get the best return on investment. Listed below are some ways in which large organizations can ensure the same:

  1. A large number of employees working for major business organizations tend to feel constrained within the same office settings that they have to work in every day. This often leads to a reduction in their creativity and innovation. Shifting these workers to a coworking office space can help businesses overcome this problem in an effective manner. The relaxed ambience of these spaces combined with the availability of all the requisite facilities and amenities helps the employees to revive their creativity and get motivated to think out of the box. The business organizations can use these spaces in rotation for the teams handling new projects or trying to attract new clients.
  2. Most corporate offices comprise of rows upon rows of cubicles covering entire floors. While they also feature meeting rooms and conference halls, these are not open for private use by individual employees. This makes it quite difficult for the members of such a vast workforce to find some privacy to brainstorm a new idea or even think aloud. The facility of renting soundproof rooms on an hourly basis at a coworking office space makes it possible for the employees to get some quiet time without raising speculation.
  3. It is quite common for big businesses to organize events and official conferences and meetings. While their corporate offices have the facility of hosting such professional get-together, they generally have a too conservative ambience. On the other hand the co-working venues offer a more intimate and casual setting which ensures easy flow of ideas and a free communication between the participants. This naturally inspires innovation while also opening a whole new world of possibilities for the all parties concerned.
  4. It is common for employees sharing the same office space to socialize with their co-workers. Similarly, there is a significant amount of politics, bickering and other forms of distraction present in the traditional offices, which prevents the employees from completing their tasks with full concentration. This can be detrimental to business growth especially while a crucial project is underway. A coworking space in Gurgaon offers a perfect way for the members of a core team to stay away from all these distractions and complete their tasks without any unwanted interference from peers and seniors.
  5. Many times it becomes essential for business organizations to meet people in an informal setting. However, setting up such interactions at a local coffee or even upscale restaurants might not prove productive due to the high noise levels and lack of privacy at such places. In such situations, the co-working office spaces can provide the ideal setting as they provide an informal yet professional setting to conduct discreet meetings in the most efficient and productive manner.
  6. Given that most coworking spaces offer great flexibility in terms of renting deals, the big businesses do not need to remain stuck up with paying for the space when they are not using it. In fact, it is possible for the business organizations to rent out these spaces for various duration ranging from a couple of hours to a few days and even for several months. The organizations can even choose to rent out the spaces on the basis of individual projects. This can help them avoid the need for investing in resources that are required for just these projects and saving decent amounts.