Designed To Grow Fast: Startups And Private Coworking Space

Just like buying a lottery does not guarantee your claim to the jackpot, founding a company doesn’t mean it will succeed on its own. There are lots of variables at play, the margin for error is minimum, and unless you are careful, curtains could be down on your most precious idea even before it sees its first light of the day.

So, is there any magic recipe that offers startups with a pole position, a competitive advantage, a much-needed thrust to succeed and grow.

In private coworking spaces, startups have a perfect ecosystem that offers them with all the ingredients for growing fast without losing track of their vision. Here’s how it does it.

1. Saves Time And Money

It’s not the 1970’s anymore and working out of a garage may still be cool but not efficient.

Whether your first employee is a freshman or a seasoned professional, s/he will at least need a system with internet and unlimited coffee (yes coffee and work do go together). The same is true for the other bunch of employees who are working for you.

Leasing an office space for rent in Gurgaon, let’s say for a team size of 20, can cost anything between 1-2 Lakh. This is a huge hole in your business wallet.

But what if you could get a ready-made, well-designed, and uber-cool office space that does not eat away your operational budget?

Well, this is exactly what a private coworking space offers to startups. And, the best part is that it is pay-as-you-use, which means you can use the space as per your needs.

For instance, let’s say your client requests for a surprise meeting. Normally, you would rent a meeting room in some outside location. It’s OK, but not if you are a startup. You lose time travelling and then there is the pressure to plan and arrange everything from tip to toe.

With a private coworking space, all you have to do is call the community managers to book your meeting room which is only a few steps away and have a perfectly fine meeting.

Designed To Grow Fast: Startups And Private Coworking Space

2. Helps You Find The Right People

Startups are as much about culture as the idea itself. It’s a set of people with high skill sets working passionately towards a common idea.

One of the primary challenges for any startup, irrespective of the level of success they have achieved, is ensuring that the people who work for them are well-apprised with the culture and vision.

Hiring is expensive and a challenge for most startups. Data shows that the majority of the startups in a coworking space hire people who have already been working in that space.

At a private coworking space, a potential employee gets a first-hand view of your company’s goal and vision. The hiring process is more than just about I do this, and you will pay me this.

It’s about the potential employee getting intrinsically integrated with the vision and goal.

And, if the potential candidates put faith in the vision before the paycheck, 9 out of 10 times they will stay and work steadfastly towards achieving that goal. You may hire the most talented people, but if they are not connected with the larger picture, the moment somebody else throws a bigger paycheck, the next thing you see is your talented employee typing out his resignation letter.

Startups need talented people to stay and work for the vision; a private coworking space helps them do exactly that.

3. Keeps You Moving

The English poet William Blake once wrote: “Expect poison from the standing water.” For startups, there is never a moment of ‘standstill’, either you keep moving and hustling, or you sink.

A coworking space is bustling with optimism and perseverance. The energy is contagious as you connect and engage with other startups which are going through the same experience as you are. Moreover, there are always people who have been there where you are now and guide you with the right advice to move forward.

Designed To Grow Fast: Startups And Private Coworking Space

‘Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir’ is a popular french phrase which means it’s better to prevent than to heal. The best strategy for startup success is to prevent and avoid the unnecessary challenges that the previous generation of dreamers and change-makers had to face. Are you looking for a private coworking space that’s your ‘Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir’? Then, it’s time you visit AltF CoWorking spaces and take your startup to the next level growth.

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