Divaukas’ Experience With AltF Co-Working

Divaukas was founded by Mr. Piyush in March ’16 with an aim to provide mobile marketing to clients and companies. Although relatively new, the company provides mobile marketing to a number of clients across NCR and is aiming a rather fast expansion in the near future, I interviewed Mr. Piyush to know more.

Why did you start Divaukas?

I have been working in the field of mobile marketing for a long time, the company policies in the field are rather out-dated and I decided to provide better solutions with the help of Divaukas.

How difficult was it to transition from an employee to a founder?

It is one of the most difficult tasks of the present age. The thing is, in my field, working with an established company gives you a very suitable mode of operation, the clients are easy to persuade under a big banner but all this is really hard to achieve under the name of a company which is just a few months old. People are really skeptical and getting clients becomes a huge problem. Moreover, the lack of job security always bugs you.

How does your company operate?

We at Divaukas, provide mobile marketing solutions to our clients i.e. we market the products and services of your employers through text-messages and pop-ups. Even in the present date, mobile marketing is one of the biggest and most effective modes of marketing. We deal on the volume basis of the messages used and charge accordingly.

Why coworking? Why AltF?

Coworking? Coworking is not something that I looked for when starting-up. When I decided to start Divaukas and left my job, I knew that working from my home would not provide me the productivity that was required to survive and grow and therefore I was looking for a suitable incubation centre where I can work and also get funded but it was not possible and from all that search for those incubation centres I stumbled upon the trend of coworking. So, in a way, I did not find coworking, coworking found me.

I chose AltF because I was really adamant at spending too much money on a work-space and AltF provided me with exactly what I was looking for, an efficient work-space at an exceptionally reasonable price.

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

Our company is moving in the right directions, right now I am the only full time working personnel but my co-founder will be joining soon, we plan on hiring a few interns from on there on and then start the expansion. I do plan to stay here for the time. AltF is a good place to start and expand.