A coworking space has its own perks for small business teams, offering a flexible workspace, an in-house professional network, corporate amenities, and recreational resources. A good coworking space in Delhi NCR would be able to accommodate small businesses and big conglomerates alike while catering to their individual needs and preferences. Finding the right space for your team is absolutely crucial, hence, here are a few tips to help you do the same.

1. Location
It is important to check whether the coworking space is conveniently located for all team members. Is it at a walking distance from a bus stop or metro station? Is it situated in a vibrant area lined with restaurants, public spaces, and coffee shops? Finalizing upon a good location would be a good criterion to start with.

2. Space Capacity
Not every coworking space is designed for teams of all capacities. While some are primarily open coworking spaces, others tend to accommodate private offices, dedicated desks, and workstations. Go for spaces that can accommodate an expanding team- with suitable meeting rooms, conference halls, and workstations.

3. Work Culture
There is a diverse spectrum of work culture in coworking spaces, ranging from small, casual spaces with a laid-back atmosphere to large rental offices that maintain strict professionalism. What kind of vibe are you looking for? Make sure that it matches the work culture you wish to uphold as a team.

4. Networking
One of the biggest benefits of coworking is the built-in professional network it offers. Coworking spaces tend to house diverse groups of individuals, such as graphic designers, attorneys, artists, financial planners, software developers, etc. The best coworking spaces are akin to a melting pot of dynamic networks, which are vibrant, engaged, and active. Look for such spaces as it will help you collaborate and connect better with those around you.

5. Professional Development
Many coworking spaces offer professional development events, such as network gatherings, skillshares, meetups, marketing workshops, community lunches, etc to facilitate growth and bonding. If these events interest you and your team, take a look at the offerings in the space and see if they align with your preferences. Along the way, you might also come across an opportunity to host workshops or skillshares, allowing you to connect with other professionals and talk about your business.

6. Essential Amenities
What are the amenities required by your team? Meeting rooms, event spaces, phones for professional calls, printers, A/V tools for virtual meetings, functioning kitchens, and fresh coffee are some amenities that are provided by most coworking spaces. Choose one that caters best to your needs.

7. Noise Level
Some coworking spaces bustle with activity all day, while others are relatively quiet. Most spaces fall somewhere between the two, with an ebb and flow of robust activity and chaotic noise. What are the noise levels most suitable for your team? It is best to clarify these things before you rent out a coworking space, so as to avoid untoward situations in the future. For instance, if your nature of work demands a constant flow of calls, then make sure that your adjacent offices do not get disturbed by the same.

8. Flexibility
On some days, your team might need to attend meetings in a quiet area, and on other days, they might have to brainstorm at a community space in an open coworking area. Coworking spaces that offer the flexibility to carry out work in accordance with changing needs are the ones you should opt for. It is best to keep the option of flexible space in hand, as you never know when your team might need it.

9. Membership Agreement
Many coworking spaces offer membership agreement on a month-to-month basis, which is optimal for a team that is in the nascent stage of business. Once you finalize upon a space of your choice, inquire about making a longer-term agreement at a potentially reduced rate. This is good for companies that are still figuring out the scope and dynamic nature of their business.

10. WiFi/IT Setup
No one likes working at a place with sluggish WiFi. Before you rent out a coworking space, make sure that they have a high-speed internet connection, along with appropriate IT setup and support that is compatible with your needs.

Leveraging upon the best services offered by coworking spaces in Gurgaon, you can help your business proliferate and attain explosive professional growth. Hence, make sure you choose the right one!