Here’s How To Grow Your Network At Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces have become a revolution in the current scenario of small-medium sized enterprises and startups gaining ground in the major cities across the country. With a horde of unique benefits surrounding the basic concept of co-working, one that stands out is the opportunity to expand the individual network. Networking, a multifaceted pre-requisite of running a business, if carried out correctly imparts many benefits.

Accessing a community of entrepreneurs and like-minded people is like finding a gold mine. But the question is where the map that marks X as the spot of the treasure is? How to create a formidable network while working at a co-working space? This comprehensive guide details the ways in which individuals can expand their network in a co-working space and get opportunities for growth.

Here's How To Grow Your Network At Co-working Spaces

How to Network in a Co-working Space?

1. Attending Events Held at the Office: Co-working spaces often organize a number of events for providing recreation and a break from work every now and then. This is a guaranteed opportunity for meeting entrepreneurs and several other like-minded individuals to add to the business network. Attend these events as these are, typically, the best networking that one can get just a few steps away from their work desk.

2. Host The Events: It is a possibility that due to work schedules and tight deadlines, a person may miss an important event, and thus, a chance to network. A better option in such a scenario is to host an event at the co-working space. Not only will that be a relief for the co-working space as they continue to look for a source of entertainment, but it will also be a great way to personally talk to a number of other businesses and individuals in the same space.

3. Trade Work: Networking is often strengthened with the possibility of mutual benefit thrown into the equation. Figuring out if the needs of a business can be answered by a talent already available in the co-working space will also require a plan in place to make the benefit mutual. Thus, in a manner, with the exchange of work or benefits, a connection is established.

4. Utilizing Breaks: Co-working places are the best place to socialize over breaks, drinks, or simply food. If the place is located in a major area of the city, then the availability of places to hangout makes things even more convenient if the plan is networking over a cup of coffee.

5. Extend an Online Invitation to Connect: the chances are that a business operating inside a co-working space has an online presence. With that option available, it is often experienced that initiating the first introduction online works better and is often easier than striking a conversation upfront. Another manner that this may work is that even if the initial conversation happened at one of the events, a follow-up conversation could be initiated online.

6. Just Approach Them: The simplest way to connect is to strike up a conversation. This does not necessarily mean that an idea must be pitched in the first go itself. A casual conversation in the elevator or upon running into each other is a good start. The beginning of these great relationships is really beneficial in the long run. This also busts the illusion of whether or not someone is accessible.

Here's How To Grow Your Network At Co-working Spaces

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