With coworking dominating the business realm, the notion of office design is changing rapidly. Today, designs are synonymous with innovation and productivity, which are crucial components of coworking office spaces. Startups and established businesses alike have come to realize the importance of office design and the effect it can have on the culture of a company. Aesthetics often dictate how we behave and feel, and helps transform offices into hubs of interactive collaboration. If one were to walk into a coworking space in Noida, they would not find traces of elements found in traditional offices – no drab, empty walls, no alienating cubicles. Coworking is undoubtedly a thing of the future, with its community-driven workforces and its emphasis on state-of-the-art amenities. How can office design in coworking spaces affect your work? Let’s find out.

Moving Beyond Cubicles
Truly inspiring office designs liberate professionals from the stigma of traditional office spaces. Office environments should not induce feelings of suffocation or alienation – instead, your workplace should be able to promote productivity, collaboration, team building, and creativity. Coworking offices in India are generally designed in quirky and innovative ways, which in turn, inspires professionals to achieve something greater and add value to the organization and their personal lives.

More Than A Mere Job
Coworking grants individuals with a unique experience, making it more than a mere job. Essentially, coworking propels you towards success and makes work an exciting endeavour. It also frees you from the monolithic suffocation of being cooped up inside a small cubicle. Coworking designs have been documented to invoke emotions of belonging and well-being. Companies need to realize the importance of employee mental health within the office space. This will not only ensure happiness but also bolster excellence and self-confidence among the team. Good design can induce a positive environment and foster fruitful interaction among all.

Improved Mindset and Enhanced Empathy
As per a coworking study, 68% of individuals reported improved focus, 64% opined that it was easier for them to meet deadlines, and 62% reported that their quality of work improved, along with their level of personal satisfaction. Also, 71% of coworking professions reached creative zeniths and 81% of individuals harboured a positive view of coworking throughout. Empathy is absolutely crucial in everyday life, especially in professional environments. The design language of a particular space holds the ability to influence moods and performances, including the notion of empathy. Inherently, designs are more than a visual setting, they are concrete thought processes. Everything, from the colour scheme of a space to the kind of plants placed throughout, can affect individuals and create a certain aura within any space.

Increased Happiness and Creativity
Design is directly proportional to the happiness, creativity, and holistic well-being of employees. An aesthetically pleasing workplace can transform boring office spaces into beautiful, intuitive ones. Coworking is an ecosystem that is steadily replacing the notion of conventional office spaces. Coworking is more connected, provides ample scope for social interaction, comfort, and access to niche talent pools. With the freedom to work in ways they prefer, individuals can exercise higher levels of creativity and innovation. When good design is a part of the deal, coworking becomes an undeniably enticing option for driven and ambitious individuals.

Hence, good design can revolutionize and revitalize an organization’s workforce and alter the way we work forever.