Over the last decade, technological visionaries have invested immensely in building spacious, ergonomic and employee-centred coworking office spaces. These spaces are not only lucrative for attracting and retaining talent but also help establish a brand identity among working professionals and clients alike. Innovative coworking interiors, coupled with a strong brand identity and outreach can prove to be immensely beneficial for an effective marketing strategy. For instance, an office space for rent in Noida can be occupied by a startup, who in turn, can carve their niche by leveraging upon a strategic physical location and robust collaborative culture that helps drive their business to new heights.

Branding opportunities within coworking spaces can be taken advantage of by entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, remote workers, and digital nomads. Coworking memberships are much more than workstations, fast internet and fresh coffee. Here is a list of unique opportunities available only at coworking spaces, which remote professionals can leverage upon for marketing and branding purposes:

Valuable Networking

As per a survey by Deskmag, 79% of coworking professionals attributed “random networking opportunities” as the reason behind successful business tie-ups and collaborations. Coworking provides a seamless collaborative environment for valuable and effective networking. Most coworking spaces have a social calendar packed with key networking events, wherein business prospects can be discussed and pitches can be made. This is also a wonderful opportunity for individuals to connect with those around them, which can eventually lead to creative collaborations, marketing surges based on word of mouth, and the retention of prospective clients.

In-Built and Accessible Audience

Companies who have just begun keeping an active email list or maintaining their social media accounts, need to garner an initial number of followers in order to establish legitimacy. While this can be a slow and laborious process, one needs to build a semblance of community as they grow. As coworking spaces help foster a sense of community among its members, you can tap into the same for outreach and mobilization. You can easily share company news, promotional materials, and key event details with your in-built audience. You can grant wings to your social media strategy by connecting with fellow coworkers online and asking them to share your posts.

A Strategically Located Physical Address

Many coworking spaces allow member companies to list the shared space as their official business and mailing address. A commercial postal address automatically makes a business eligible for certain services, such as Google Maps, Yelp, and Foursquare, which can help boost marketing tactics. Also, it is crucial to ensure that one’s contact information is consistent across multiple platforms for garnering search engine rankings. You can also assign a geotag to your office on social media, which grants consumers with the semblance of authenticity and accessibility.

Fresh Perspectives from Corporate Stalwarts

Often, when we are too deeply involved with a certain project for an extended amount of time, we tend to lose objective focus. Working in isolation or brainstorming constantly with the same group of individuals can forge a creative echo chamber. However, this is not possible in a coworking space, as one can always garner fresh perspectives and unbiased feedbacks from fellow coworkers.

So, make the best out of the opportunities provided by your coworking space in 2019. It might just be the perfect launchpad for the accomplishment of your niche business objectives.