How Coworking can Enhance the Productivity of Employees

The English dictionary defines ‘work’ as a mental or physical activity used as a means of earning income. But it’s time to update the dictionary because the very concept of ‘work’ itself has undergone fundamental changes over the last few decades. People now see work not just as a source of income, but rather as a source of ‘bliss.’ Traditional workplaces, in essence, lack the intangible building blocks that make work a truly blissful experience.

Coworking: The Greatest Social Renaissance

Renaissance was a time in human history when we truly freed ourselves from the clutches of ignorance and embraced new ideas with complete conviction. These new ideas helped reshape our science, art, and literature and paved the way for modern society. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, coworking spaces are a boiling pot of fresh ideas, innovations and out-of-the-box thinking. It would not be wrong to say that coworking is a renaissance in the domain of work. By changing the very way we work, coworking spaces have given birth to an environment that is highly people-centric. Coworking has placed employee productivity at the very heart of a company’s growth. Let’s see how a coworking space enhances the productivity of employees.

Right Tools and Equipment

How Coworking can Enhance the Productivity of Employees

Our work is only as good as the tools we use. A good example of this is the introduction of the typewriter which radically transformed office work in the 2Oth century. It streamlined business communications, opened greater employment opportunities for women and became a symbol of change in an organizational structure.

Fast forward to 2020; technology has simply exploded and is offering employees with tools and equipment that enhance employee efficiency. But leveraging the benefits of technology-driven tools and equipment is not economically viable for every company. Thanks to coworking spaces; companies, especially startups and SMEs, can now provide a workplace that helps them work efficiently and smartly.

An Environment Conducive For Work

How Coworking can Enhance the Productivity of Employees

Coworking spaces offer a suite of office-like amenities such as hot-desks, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee at the most affordable price. AltF CoWorking spaces go a step ahead with amenities like rejuvenating terrace gardens, natural light and indoor relief zones, and lots more. The spaces are smartly designed to help employees worry little about mundane stuff and run their mind on things that are on priority.

Besides, there is a dedicated team of community managers who look after the well-being of the occupants 24*7. There are ample opportunities to connect and engage with other entrepreneurs, learn new skills from experts and bring all this into the work.

Fosters Happiness and Work Satisfaction

There is never a dull day at coworking spaces. A study conducted in India showed that 9 out of 10 people agree that they were more engaged and motivated when co-working. Moreover, nearly 90% of the employees accept that they were happier co-working than working in traditional or remote offices. The reason behind this is simple: Coworking is designed to make work an insanely great experience.’ It offers:

  • Effective collaborations

  • Flexibility in work-timings, locations, etc

  • Ample Community/Networking opportunities

  • lots more

It is for these reasons and more that an employee never feels alienated or left out. Instead, he/she is inspired to share ideas, take initiatives and work proactively towards productivity, growth, and innovation.

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