How Does a Coworking Space Save You Money?

This would include the likes of freelancers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and startup employees.  

Exorbitant electricity bills and overhead business costs can burn a hole in the pocket of corporate employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startup owners. But did you know that a coworking space like AtlF can save your money,  increase your productivity, and boost your happiness? 

You’ve read that right! A coworking space gives you access to prime amenities and utilities that make it easier for you to concentrate on work. This takes your mind off managing bills and overhead expenses. Instead, you can focus on growing your personal wealth or the business’ finances. 

But wait… how does a coworking space do this? Let’s explore this in detail by understanding the expenses of working professionals, the inner workings of a coworking space like AltF, and the way all of this ties together to help working professionals save money. 

What are Working Professionals Spending On?

Let’s divide working professionals into two groups to understand their unique expenses when it comes to working from home or from an office).

1. Traditional Employees 

This includes the likes of your regular salaried professionals working in the public or private sector. These professionals spend on:

  • Electricity 
  • Internet
  • Amenities upgrade 
  • Furniture upgrade
  • Food
  • Tea/coffee

2. Non-Traditional Employees

But a premier coworking space like AltF gives you free beverages! You can get a glass of your beloved beverage (tea or coffee) twice a day as a complimentary feature. This will help you focus on replenishing your brain while saving more money!

  • Electricity 
  • Internet
  • Dedicated office space
  • Housekeeping staff
  • Parking space
  • Storage space
  • Amenities 
  • Furniture 
  • Food
  • Tea/coffee

Data suggest that working from home has increased the cost borne by working professionals by almost $100. That is roughly ₹7,000 in India and most WFH employees will agree with this figure. For some, it may be even higher. 

5 Ways Coworking Saves You Money

1. Minimal Overhead Cost

Saving money is important regardless of whether you are a corporate employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur. Normally, you’d be paying a premium for a copy machine, storage space, cleaning services, etc. But a coworking space helps you save money by providing all of this for you. 

2. Pay for What You Use

A coworking space ensures that you pay only for the facilities that you use. This implies that you will be paying for the desk space, not the whole office itself. This eliminates the cost of paying for a whole floor of the office space. 

3. Customizing Costs Less

You’ll have to buy and pay more for stuff if you want a fancy desk at home. However, you can contact a coworking beforehand to customize your desk for far less than what you would be spending on your own while customizing desks, chairs, work area, etc. 

4. Complimentary Beverages

5. Flexibility 

This might seem like a relatively moot point. But working professionals spend a lot on beverages, especially tea and coffee. Take for example spending ₹30, 5 days a week on your favourite roadside tea. This would cost ₹600 a month and ₹7200 a year (more if you prefer Starbucks)!


Growing businesses, teams, and projects would need to expand in the future. This would involve buying or leasing a bigger office space that has its own utility and spatial challenges. Naturally, expanding an office space would cost more money. 

However, as discussed before, you only pay for the space you use at a coworking space. You can lease more desks at a relatively lower cost than buying office space. This holds true even if you decide to expand your business.

A coworking space like AtlF helps you focus on your business or job role while saving your money at the same time. The coworking space charges a pre-decided utility cost that is far less than the usual overhead cost that you would have to incur. Moreover, you get free beverages!

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