Communication can be challenging, especially in a coworking space. Effective communication demands a certain amount of flexibility and the assimilation of diversity. In a traditional office space, everyone is part of the same team. On the other hand, a typical coworking office space in Gurgaon would have multifarious organizations collaborating amongst themselves or working independently. Hence, in the latter office setting, it is crucial to understand that every individual has a unique style of communication, which must be brought into sync while fostering transparency, teamwork, and professional trust. Self-awareness and empathy go a long way in facilitating honest communication and lucrative results for your coworking space.

The key to a thriving coworking space is offering unique value to every individual. Not every member will feel enthusiastic about participation in community events or activities. In fact, some of the members might be upfront about their unwillingness to participate in such pursuits. The common assumption that all members of a space, for instance, in a coworking space in Delhi NCR, look forward to networking with one another is a half-truth. In reality, some individuals only wish for a quiet, inspiring, and productive professional space in order to achieve their goals.

Instead of excluding these individuals from group activities, change your approach – create a genuine, inviting, online community for your coworking members. This will allow anxious and introverted individuals to connect with others as per their own comfort and convenience.  Cultivate a democratic workspace by allowing members to pick and choose their manner of engagement, based on their interests. You can take the help of platforms such as Slack for fostering interaction in a seamless manner.

An online community will not only be beneficial for your virtual members but also for members who do not wish to speak amongst themselves, as they do not desire to be disruptive or unproductive. A messaging platform will also allow you to share important notifications with your members, which otherwise might get overlooked in an email. Furthermore, members can also collaborate, trade skills, interact, and share personal anecdotes for fun!

Coworking managers preside over a range of diverse roles, from event manager to community curator, and much more. Some managers might be more hands-on, while others might prefer working behind the scenes. Irrespective of your manager’s personality, you, as a member, shouldn’t view them as sorcerers who will take care of everything on their own. Make an effort to interact with them and help them out in managing certain tasks. If your manager is reserved, it is most likely because he/she is inundated with work. However, interacting with members, troubleshooting, and offering support to the team is part of a coworking manager’s job. Hence, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Remember to be respectful, and do not hover around incessantly. Give them some time to get back to you, and follow-up via gentle reminders on a messaging platform. Moreover, maintaining an amicable relationship with your community manager will keep you updated regarding key office events and facilitate collaborations with other like-minded coworking members.

Communication among members hailing from diverse backgrounds can be a tad tricky. These individuals bring in unique skills and viewpoints, encouraging a space akin to a cornucopia for out-of-the-box thinking. This kind of melting pot is sure to spark innovative ideas and pave the way for fruitful collaborations and teamwork. Etiquette is a must, hence you should make sure that you respect everyone you’re working with. If you like working while listening to music, use headphones. However, do pay attention to those around you – if you see someone hesitating while wanting to talk to you, talk to them and address their concerns in a polite manner.

Remember, a certain amount of compromise is necessary for effective communication. Coworking is about working alone together while being a part of a close-knit, collaborative community. Aim towards creating a more open dialogue and taking advantage of the opportunities that the wonderful world of coworking has to present!