Medicodeal’s Experience With AltF Co-Working

Medicodeal focuses on providing healthcare solutions and providing a transparent platform in the field of healthcare. I interviewed Mr. Divyanshu Goswami to know more.

What does medicodeal do?

We, at medicodeal, provide a platform to the general masses to book diagnostic tests and packages online. The basic idea is to give people a way through which they can scout, compare, book diagnostics, give samples and receive their results, all in the comfort of their house.

How does this work?

To make medicodeal work, we have tied up with the best labs across the cities, labs which people can scout, compare prices and then book. We even provide the customers with the ability to pay online as well as when the sample is being taken. Once a booking is finalized our highly trained professionals would collect the samples of our customers at their very doorsteps

What were the challenges that you faced while going through the initial phases of Medicodeal?

Working on a start-up is not easy, it’s very difficult. The first problem that we had, came up even before we had started working on Medicodeal and that was the taboo of leaving your job, the thing is, with so many aggregator based start-ups coming through in our country, people have become really sceptical about new ideas and everyone recommends the comfort of a 9-5 job. We got through it though. The main problem we face right now is to market our services to people and break the bandwagon of offline medical services.

Why did you choose Coworking?

We being a bootstrapping Start-up was really low on funds, we did not want to spend vaguely on a workspace and then spend even more to manage it. I guess the elimination of office management that coworking allows is a boon to all start-ups because it lets us avoid a very big stress and gives a lot of freedom to work on our respective goals more efficiently.

Why AltF?

The reason for choosing AltF was the unmatched connectivity and experience that it provided. It is located in the heart of Gurgaon with metro-stations lunging in the vicinity. Also, the founders, Mr. Yogesh Arora and Mr. Saarthal Chhabra have been really supportive and the staff here also very nice. I, on a personal note, have had a very fine experience both at coworking and AltF, both have benefited me a lot and I expect the same in the coming future.