MiStay’s Experience With AltF Co-Working

‘MiStay’, as founder Mr. Sandeep Jaiswal likes to describe as, ‘an abbreviation of Micro Stays’, was formally founded in January 2016 and launched its services in April 2016.

The company is focused on revolutionizing the concept of hotel bookings in India by aiming at Micro-Stays, a concept which is relatively new in our country. I interviewed Mr. Sandeep Jaiswal to know more.

What are Micro-Stays?

In layman’s terms, Micro-Stays focus on the practice of booking hotel rooms on an hourly basis. The idea, although seemingly naïve, eliminates a lot of problems related to hotel bookings such as early and late checkouts and paying the rent of multiple days when your actual stay has been way too less.

Why did you start working on MiStay?

The basic idea of MiStay occurred to me back in August ’15. Back then, I was working as a Business Analyst in Essex Lake Group. I was based in South Africa at that time and came to India for a vacation. During that time, I and my friends made a trip to Bagha Border in Rajasthan, it was then that I realized the discrepancies in the hotel business and the problems a normal traveler might face due to the trending policies of the hotels.

So how does MiStay work?

The booking of hotels on hourly basis seems a very easy task on paper but is not feasible logistically. Our company offers the nearest alternative. We offer rooms on the basis of three-time slots- Morning, Day and Night. This gives our client the freedom to choose whether he/she needs the room for refreshing in the morning after a long journey or experience a five-star stay for a day and relax or just crash at night after a long hard day of exploring a city.

How are you different from other hotel renting companies?

A current lot of hotel renting companies in India focus either on providing inexpensive hotel rooms or couple stays in the same city of the users, we on the other hand focus on the problems faced by travelers and the idea of micro-stays i.e. paying on an hourly basis. To know more about how we are different, you can also read our blog.

So how did you land at AltF CoWorking? 

When I started working at MiStays, I worked out of my home but after going live it was not feasible to work out of a residential place. Being a bootstrapping company, all the funds that we currently have are the savings of my last job and spending them over a workspace did not seem the right option and therefore I turned to coworking. I chose AltF because it was the most efficient option and Mr. Yogesh has been a great help, he even went out of his way to arrange our deal and it meant a lot to me. To have someone in the community who does his fair share for keeping entrepreneurial relations is a very big thing.

So what is the aim of MiStay?

We are currently active in eight cities across India. Our aim is to provide our services in all the major touring destinations of the country and by services I mean quality services.

So how would you sum up your experience at AltF?

Smooth! That is the only way I can describe my experience at AltF, from the day that we first came under negotiations till people in the community is a very big thing.