Reasons Why Office Design is the Key to Recruitment

The amenities of work space and non-monetary benefits are the part and parcel of the compensation plan given to a new employee. In present times, it has become very common among new employees to seek-out for these benefits while applying for a new job.

While non-monetary benefits including pick up & drop services and food coupons are common benefits the employers provide these days, work-space amenities are what employers must look after to attract a pool of skilled & talented individuals.

If you are an employer, you must now be thinking how does work space affect the recruitment process of the company? Well, with the help of some simple pointers, here in this blog we will provide you with an answer to this query of yours.

1-Millennials Need More Than A Pay-check: Considering the current trends, the Indian workforce will majorly comprise of millennials in the near future. This changing workforce does not get lured away with a minimal extra pay or nominal perks. What millennials need is an office space that offers good source of natural lighting, green surroundings, comfort sitting space & lots more related to the office design. Thus, the office’s look & feel will have a great impact on the recruitment of millennials in the coming years!

Reasons Why Office Design is the Key to Recruitment

2-Work Culture over Compensation: With rising concerns of work-life imbalance, increasing stress at work, and unhealthy work environment, employees are looking for an office space that provides a culture that is away from stress. Building a culture requires a supportive office design. A foosball playing area or a pantry where cooking is possible are some options that employers can include in their office design to attract talented professionals.

3-Personal Branding for Employees:For a professional in the 21st century, personal branding is vital. With personal branding, we mean that a professional wants to keep his/her productivity high for the organization to contribute to the goal of business, but, for maintaining his own identity too.An aspect that modern workforce is looking for is personal branding through great productivity & work ethics. A work place that offers an attractive culture and well-designed office space can lead to increase in productivity significantly.

Reasons Why Office Design is the Key to Recruitment

4-Office Design Communicates Brand & Culture: Another aspect that office design affects is its overall look &feel to an outsider. While taking an interview, HR team can proudly say that their office space is vibrant & productive, if designed well. Thus, a well-designed space communicates brand value & vision

5-Creates Lasting Impression:The task of an HR professional is to also maintain good professional relationships with all ex-employees and potential employees. A great office design that speaks of the brand is very supportive in this aspect. An employee with great skills who does not accept the offer letter today, may do it the next time he/she looks out for a job if the office space looks very well-designed and innovative to him/her.

If you are an employer looking for attracting the right pool of talented professionals for success of your business, now is the time to ensure that your office space looks and feels appealing to them. At AltFCoworking, we offer private co-working spaces that come with the advantage of modular design for your HR team to boast about your office space. We offer comfortable sitting spaces, well-ventilated areas, playing area, relaxing space, pantry, and much more. Visit the website today to delve into the world of co-working spaces in India!

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