Sage GlobalHR’s Experience With AltF Co-Working

Sage GlobalHR was founded in 2010 and has come a long way since then, the company provides HR solutions to both domestic as well as international firms. I interviewed Mrs. Indu to found out more. Big thanks to Mrs. Indu for the interview.

How did Sage GlobalHR start?

Mr. Sebastian and Mr. Ganesh were working for Airtel, in 2010. It was then that Mr. Sebastian realized the scope, depth and current discrepancies in the field of Human Resource, he came up with the idea of Sage GlobalHR and along with Mr. Ganesh started the company in September 2010. Ms. Geetanjali joined soon after as a Senior Talent Recruiter and together these three make the three directors of Sage GlobalHR.

What is the vision of the company?

Since its incorporation in 2010, Sage GlobalHR has gone through a constant evolutionary process. Currently, we have a large number of clients throughout the country and abroad as well, we plan to expand extensively in African countries at the moment and also have many clients in Oman. The vision of the company is to provide HR solutions and consultancy to as many companies in as many countries possible.

So what is your team strength?

Our team is very dynamic, the original team is about 20 people strong but the thing is most of them are located in different places according to their client’s requirement. Other than NCR, we have people operating from Bangalore, Bombay, and Chennai.

On what terms does your company collaborate with clients?

We collaborate as the client demands i.e. whether it is a time-based collaboration, where we provide our services for a certain duration of time as well as a project-based collaboration where we consult our clients on a specific project.

You must have scouted a lot of places before landing here. Why Coworking? Why AltF?

Our company operates in such a way the coworking was the most feasible option for us, the operation is such that at a given moment only a few people are present in the office and the team strength is much more, as it requires field work, therefore, coworking was the most effective solution for us. The major reason for choosing AltF was because of its location as it is based in such a prime spot. Also, the amenities offered and the price at which they are offered are second to none. Also, Mr. Yogesh was very cooperative.

So has coworking helped you?

Of course it has! We have benefited a lot from this environment, the nuisance of handling office chores which we had in our own office is taken care of. We don’t have to worry about the broken fan and the cartridge of the printer because AltF does that for us and we, in turn, can focus a lot more on our work. Coworking takes the burden of a lot of things off you.

If you had to sum up your experience at AltF in a sentence, what would it be?

Right from the day we started at AltF, it was pleasant and exactly what we were promised and what we expected, the feasibility, budget, and experience was all up to the mark, Mr. Yogesh and Mr Sarthak have helped us a lot and we expect the same in the future.