Virtual offices are becoming very much popular amongst entrepreneurs, startup owners, new businesses, and freelancers. Gurgaon has moved far beyond and has become one of India’s hottest startup & business hubs. The city includes the corporate offices of various global startups and enterprises. The boom in the startup culture in the city makes it the first option for budding entrepreneurs to take up a Virtual Office in Gurgaon. This is one of the best places in India to get your company registered.

What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices offer businesses their own corporate addresses for correspondences and virtual interactions.Teeming with all the requisites of establishing a registered venture in India or applying for GST, this utility costs a fraction of what you incur for a conventional office space, which your business might not require at an earlier stage. This will help you to get a premium business address without paying hefty rents. A virtual office thus helps you in eliminating the need of renting an actual office space.

Factors to Consider While looking for a Virtual Office:

Business Location – The most important factor when looking for a virtual office is the location. You should choose an address that suits your business and helps you to look credible.

 Amenities – You must look for a space that provides you with all the arrangements for your needs. The virtual office must have some free hours of access to the meeting room and the office space.

Infrastructure – There are some of the basic facilities you should look for:

1.  Free & Fast speed Internet.

2. Printing & Scanning facilities.

3. Community Managers for On-Site Support.

Cost Involved – A virtual office must be cost-effective that fits everyone’s business financial expenses. A virtual office’s cost varies from one location to another in Gurgaon.

Key Benefits of Getting a Virtual Office

The costs involved in renting office space are fairly high especially in metro locations but having a premium business address is advantageous for your business.If you work from home and you are not able to use your home’s address as your office address. myHQ provides you with cheap virtual offices in Gurgaon to operate from.If you are a new startup or trying to start a new business and you don’t want to add your overheads by renting an office space. Virtual Office solutions with myHQ provide you with the facilities of mail handling and forwarding, free complimentary access to the meeting room, and free full-day access to the office space.Virtual offices can be used by corporates too, it helps organisations to spread to different locations while having a single corporate office.