With the gradual shift in today’s workforce towards freelancing, contract-based work, and digital nomad lifestyles, there is an emerging need to accommodate these work modules within coworking environments. The number of coworking spaces is proliferating exponentially, expected to reach over 50,000 by 2022. If you happen to own a space amidst a competitive market, for instance, a coworking space in Gurgaon, you need to figure out a strategy to survive, or else, you shall perish.

Identifying Target Coworking Members
In order to carve a niche, you need to understand whom is your coworking space for. Having a one-size-fits-all approach will get you nowhere, as it will only serve to make your coworking space look like a commoditized office for all. Instead, focus on creating a targeted audience persona and craft your services accordingly – based on this, proceed towards designing your website and churning out relevant content. Figure out your core USP, and leverage upon the same to further your marketing strategy. For instance.

If your space has ample room for creative work and houses equipment for certain kinds of art, market it to aspiring artists who can bring fresh and interesting ideas to the table.
If your space is focused more on technological innovation, wherein you are providing high-end technical amenities, target businesses revolving around AI and machine learning.

Once you are able to identify and cater to your target audience, you will be able to foster a sense of community, which is integral to the success of any coworking space.

Fostering a Close-Knit Coworking Community
The scope for connection and collaboration is immense in coworking spaces. Promote a culture that is true to the reality of your coworking environment, as this will help create a common thread of identity that can unite individuals from diverse walks of life. For instance, take a stance which proclaims that your coworking space is for individuals who believe in, say, unbridled creativity and accomplishing carefully-crafted goals for the greater good. This will help attract crowds who believe in such professional philosophies and enrich the quality of your office space.

Also, clarify what kind of professionals you prefer to cater to: small businesses? Independent professionals? Tech magnates? In short, work on your positioning statement, which also doubles as a promise, a service proposition. This strategy will help deter situations wherein homogenous crowds flock to your space. You will not only be able to carve a niche in the competitive market but also attract the right crowd. Apart from being able to attract new members, you will be successfully able to retain existing ones.

These strategies will allow you to stand out – instead of simply being a price-based community, you can now provide a valuable experience to those you wish to collaborate and work with.

In the end, fostering a sense of community is key, and once you figure out how to make that work, you are already at the top of your coworking game!