Everything you need to know about Shared Offices

Shared office spaces are now becoming a new trend. Many freelancers, remote workers, startups, SME’s, corporates etc prefer to work in shared office spaces. Shared office spaces are effective for small organizations that range from one to several employees, remote employees, gig workers, startups, freelancers and also serve a purpose for larger organizations looking to innovate.  Shared office spaces have many perks and benefits. In the coming years there will be a high rise in its demand and it will be the new norm for people who enter the workforce today.

If you are also searching for the shared office spaces in Noida or Gurgaon then AltF is the best place to choose. There are various available options in AltF to choose from like dedicated desk, team room, director cabin, team office, enterprise office, flexible box etc.

What is a Shared Office?

A shared workspace is nothing but a coworking space. It allows professionals like freelancers, startup employees, SMEs, gig workers etc to rent a workstation or workspace. It’s different from a traditional office because in shared offices, people are not usually working for the same company. Shared office spaces generally have more amenities and services available than in traditional offices.

Benefits of a Shared Office Space 

1. More Networking Opportunity

One of the major benefits of shared offices is that you get to connect with different people. Many people from different work backgrounds work together in shared office spaces. Therefore, you get to interact, connect and network with a lot of people. This also helps in learning new skills and upgrading the existing ones. It also paves the way to new opportunities.

2. Cost Efficiency

Shared office spaces are quite affordable and cost efficient. You’d be spending a lot on electricity, internet, and food bills if you’re working from home. However, shared offices like AltF help you in saving money by giving you access tobasic amenities and services like unlimited internet, housekeeping, security, and much more, at an affordable rate. 

3. Flexibility with Responsibility

Shared office spaces are quite flexible in many ways be it pricing plans, space options, cost, time etc. Usually, there is 24/7 access in shared office spaces. many pricing plans are available and you can book the spaces on monthly basis rather than signing a year long lease agreements.

AltF’s shared office spaces give you total control over your work environment right from customizable desks to flexible service hours. You can book the on demand spaces on horly, daily or weekly basis.

Some of the other benefits of shared offiice spaces are:

  • More productivity
  • Better cognitive stimulation
  • Ideal work-life balance
  • In-house recreation & extracurriculars

Who Should Work from Shared Office Spaces?

There’s a widely held misconception that shared office spaces are only suitable for freelancers. That’s far from the truth. Shared offices are the ideal way for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creative people, and more to network and exchange ideas. 

Thus, one can safely say that a leading shared workspace like AltF is ideal for professionals from all walks of life. Above all, it is suitable for professionals who want to become more productive, save money, get happier, and strike the best work-life balance possible. 

Best Shared Office Spaces in Gurgaon & Noida

AltF offers the best shared office spaces in Gurgaon and Noida. AltF’s shared office spaces are located in convenient locationsand are easily accessible through public and private transport. Furthermore, AltF has various rooms and workstations that you can book based on your requirement:

Facility Suitable For Size
Dedicated SeatsFreelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants1 to 4
Team RoomSmall teams1 to 20
Team OfficeStartups & SMEs20 to 50
Enterprise Office Corporates50+
Virtual OfficeStartups & SMEs

That’s not all! AltF enlivens the coworking experience with services like:

  • High-speed internet
  • Customizable furniture
  • Food & beverage services
  • Storage space
  • Covered parking
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • 6-layer security

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