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Noida has become a commercial hub and many other companies and startups are also looking forward to setting up their offices in Noida. Before booking an office space, there are some factors which you need to consider. Choosing a right office space does not only affect your day to day operations and staff morale, but also your brand image.

AltF has really amazing office spaces for rent in Noida and you can choose the one based on the size of your work. Book On-demand spaces on hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Factors to be considered before looking for an office space for rent in Noida

Here is a list of some of the factors that you should consider before looking for an office space for rent in Noida:


Budget is one of the most important things that should be considered before looking for an office space. You should always look for an office space that fits your budget and if you are a startup then you must definitely want to keep your expenses at the bare minimum level as the startups are already involved in a lot of investments.

AltF’s office spaces for rent in Noida are affordable and if you search, you will find its prices best in the market. There are various pricing plans available and you can go for any of them whichever suits you best. There are daily, monthly and yearly packages available. AltF also has membership plans in which you can avail various offers and discounts.


Location is another criteria that need to be considered before choosing an office space. The office space should be such that it is easily accessible and easy to commute so that it does not give hard time to the employees.

AltF has all of its office spaces for rent in Noida at premium locations and are under 400m from the metro stations, hence easily accessible. All these office spaces are in commercial areas and are in close vicinity to various restaurants and shopping malls. All these office spaces are located near known landmarks.


The office space should have all the basic amenities like power backup, ample parking space, reliable internet, dining options etc so that people can work comfortably and with ease without any hassle. Office amenities help in keeping the employees happy and also contributes to their productivity.

AltF has all the basic facilities and amenities available at its office spaces in Noida like centrally air conditioned offices, complete power backup, fast and reliable wifi, free beverages, housekeeping services, easy access to parking space, printing and scanning services, free access for everyone to meeting and conference rooms, security measures and much more.


Size is another important factor to be considered before choosing the office space. You should choose the office space based on the size of your company. According to general guidelines, every employee should have approximately 21 square metres.

In AltF coworking spaces you can choose the space according to the size of your company. There are private offices of all sizes available. There are fixed, flexible and virtual office solutions available. Also, there are reserved dedicated spaces for individuals, small and big teams on a monthly basis.


While choosing the office space for rent, safety should be the main factor to consider. Always make sure the office space you choose is safe and has 24/7 security available so that employees may feel safe while working. Therefore, choosing the commercial area locality is a good option. 

AltF’s working spaces are all safe and have security available all the time. Moreover, all the spaces are under CCTV surveillance.


Are there any membership plans available?

Yes, membership plans are available and various offers and discounts can be availed from it.

Are semi furnished spaces available?

Both furnished and semi furnished spaces are available at various locations.

What process is to be followed for booking a space?

On the AltF coworking website you can either request a call back or schedule a visit by filling the required details. We will reach out to you instantly.

Can I book a meeting room online?

Yes, definitely you can.  AltF’s online booking tool allows you to conveniently book a meeting room at any time.

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