Why do Employees Work Better in a Coworking Space?

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”-Helen Keller

Helen Keller’s life and work continue to inspire millions around the world.

She was only 19 months old when an unknown illness turned her deaf and blind for life. For most, this would have been life’s greatest tragedy, a reason to point fingers at the not so great destiny. But Helen was unlike “most”. Not the one to be perturbed or demoralized, she was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Helen Keller’s life is at times inspiring, at times thought-provoking, but most importantly it turns the spotlight on the power of having the right mindset, whether at work or in life.

But the clutter that grips modern life, for most people work has become simply a means to earn their livelihood. This primitive mindset filters out some of the key elements that make work inspirational, game-changing, and trend-setting.

In this scenario, coworking spaces are not only making work more fun and engaging but also in some very critical ways forcing its makeover. The result is employees that are happier to work, employees who want to come to work each day, and most importantly employees who derive a sense of purpose from their work. Here’s how coworking spaces are accelerating this turnaround in employee perception of work.

1. Throwing Boredom Right Out Of The Office Windows

Throwing Boredom Right Out Of The Office Windows

First and foremost, coworking spaces have played a very instrumental role in alienating boredom from work, irrespective of a particular individual’s job role and responsibility. Part of the credit for this goes to the quirky and inspiring workspace designs.

But a majority of the credit goes to the community managers who from time to time dawn multiple hats for the tenants. They are the true architects who work behind the screen to create a work environment that is fun and productive at the same time.

2. Making Work More Collaborative and Engaging

Coworking space fosters an open work culture where employees feel free to reach out to even the CEOs. This allows teams to communicate precisely and effectively which transpires to overall work quality and efficiency. Imagine getting a file or document from a department in a traditional workplace. There are so many bottlenecks that by the time the file reaches your hand, you have wasted valuable time in request initiation, acceptance, and approval.

Making Work More Collaborative and Engaging

Consider the same in a coworking environment where employees can get the information they want within just a few minutes. Moreover, employees also have the opportunity to connect, interact, and engage with professionals from diverse backgrounds. They learn from their experience, share their own, and all this adds up to create a holistic view of the business and corporate landscape for the employee.

This is one thing which is advertently missing in a traditional workplace and more often than not, is the primary reason for the low employee retention rate in traditional work environments.

3. Offering Ample Opportunities To Learn And Up-skill

A recent study confirms that opportunities to up-skill are on top of every employee’s wish-list. No employee wants to be stagnated and stuck to a particular job role for life. Workplaces that offer employees opportunities to consistently upgrade enjoy a considerable spike in employee productivity and efficiency. Coworking spaces do this better than traditional workplaces. They promote self-learning and up-skilling in a very natural way.

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