Why do People Work Better in Coworking Spaces?

Coworking is the new normal. Within a decade the concept has spread like wildfire and is now the workspace of choice for the millennials. More than 80% of the people who use coworking spaces have reported being happier and more productive. So, what is it that makes Coworking spaces naturally conducive for work that is engaging, productive and fulfilling?

1. A Strong Community

Why do People Work Better in Coworking Spaces?

A strong sense of community is the secret to exceptional creativity and productivity at any workspace. Be it the Apple of the 1980s or the Disney Studio’s of early 1930, it was the underlying sense of community that pushed the people in these companies to strive for excellence.

A coworking space has all the components that create a strong sense of community among like-minded workers. The work environment is healthy and welcoming, knowledge sharing is a natural practice and challenges are never the concern of a single individual but of the team. The single motto for work is ‘One for All and All for One’

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is the greatest asset of co-working spaces. Whether one wants to work from home or decides to work all-night for meeting deadlines, co-working spaces are exceptionally accommodating to every request.

Moreover, flexibility is not limited to time alone. It permeates seamlessly into other choices too. One can find a quiet yet cozy corner for focused work. Furthermore, there are relaxation areas that provide the perfect setting for some much-needed recharge following a grueling work-session.

3. Greater Connection With Work

Why do people suffer from ‘MONDAY BLUES’?

It’s because most people, after some time, feel that their work is either repetitive or the work environment itself is boring. This boredom results in a major disconnect and triggers frustration or resentment. In the worst of cases, an individual mat feels that he/she is invisible.

Coworking spaces are not only helping break workplace monotony but also playing a key role in making offices popular again. They offer a better mesh between an individual and his/her work. With strong collaboration and engagement, an individual is well apprised about the work and its overall impact. This triggers a sense of responsibility, duty and willingness to contribute.

4. Work Optimized

Coworking spaces are smartly designed to meet every need of its tenant. From delicious coffee to office stationery, every need is well-served. The ambiance is meticulously designed to foster the well-being of one all, whether a freelancer, an entrepreneur or an employee. Moreover, the break-out spaces are designed to help employees destress easily and to maintain peak performance levels.

Why do People Work Better in Coworking Spaces?

Co-working spaces are both a cultural and technological revolution, changing the very fundamental essence of work. They offer people the freedom to choose how and when to work, rather than being forced to fit in a cubicle and work.

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