With more businesses riding the coworking wave, there has been a notable shift in the way we work. There used to be a time when entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants worked in environments which were not conducive to productivity, such as local coffee shops, baristas, and cafés. These issues have been resolved with the advent of coworking spaces, wherein all processes are carried out in an ergonomic manner and the offices are designed to nurture growth and success. Moreover, with the introduction of coworking offices, individuals have been able to find new ways of exploring their creativity. So, is coworking a must for garnering greater levels of productivity and success? Let’s find out.

While the coworking culture has not yet attained mainstream status in India, it is bound to assume centre stage in a few years time. When people opt for a coworking space, they generally consider the amenities provided, along with the kind of culture upheld by the space. After all, coworking is not just about the facilities it provides but also about the social bonds that members are able to forge with their coworkers. Also, coworking spaces double as sites for innovation and ingenuity, wherein like-minded individuals collaborate to share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas to propel their common goals towards fruition.

As per recent research, around 64% of coworking members end up carrying out their tasks more efficiently on a timely basis, and more than 90% of coworkers are emotionally content with the quality of their work. It is crucial to take note of the fact that these results were cent per cent conclusive and held no anomalies or ambiguities. Moreover, in today’s time, the average coworking space hosts 30% more members than it did 2 years back, and the biggest coworking conglomerates are located in Asia. Hence, the growth and value of coworking spaces have witnessed a steady, yet explosive upward-spiralling graph. Now, to answer the key question: why is coworking a must for greater levels of productivity and success, here are some reasons in favour of the argument. Coworking warrants:

Higher Levels of Productivity
It is an undeniable fact that humans tend to perform in accordance with the environment they are subjected to. Coworking spaces grant members of all stripes with an ambience which fosters greater levels of productivity and efficiency. This has not only made individuals more competitive but also wary of their work quality, as that is the ultimate yardstick for meaningful and longlasting success.

An Ergonomic, Interactive Working Space
Whether an individual works from the comfort of their home or churns out project after project in their local coffee shop, it is a proven fact that the ergonomic design of coworking spaces trump all other work options. Moreover, coworking spaces provide members with much-needed amenities that boost efficiency, such as high-end office equipment, fast wi-fi, printers, etc. Coworking also manages to strike the perfect balance between rewarding interactions and productive isolation, which is one of the key reasons behind the concept’s popularity.

Lucrative Networking Opportunities
Coworking facilitates better networking with other members and businesses alike, which leads to newer and better opportunities and sudden collaborations. Collaboration is vital for boosting employee morale and facilitating fruitful engagement in any office space. When a group of individuals come together and exchange ideas, especially in a coworking office space, innovative strategies are born.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Switch to coworking at the earliest and turn your professional life around!