Why Should Startups Care About The Office Design/Layout?

Without a doubt, office design plays a really important role in creating a favourable image of the organization it belongs to. For years, a number of studies have gone on to prove that a carefully created and designed office layout goes a long way in increasing productivity and enhancing the overall experience. A lot of publications even went further to publish blogs about how people are having a unique take on office designs.

More than any other organization or business, startups are in need of great employee productivity and retention. Simply because people may come for work, but they stay for the experience. This is why startups of today are making design an integral part of their planning and operations.

Why Should Startups Care About The Office Design/Layout?

This is why startups need to care about their office design and layout.

Why the Design and Layout of the Office is Important for Startups?

  • Meeting the Needs of the Employees
    Designing the workplace according to the needs and dynamicity of the workforce is important. The company is made up of people, not of the desks and workstations. No matter how beautifully crafted an office is, if it doesn’t aid the people, it is worthless.

  • Setting the Trend
    Following a trend is great. But the real question is whether the trend blends with the kind of work that goes around in the office. It might have worked for other offices, but is it necessary that it will work here? A more personalized touch is always appreciated and welcomed into the culture with natural ease.

  • Avoiding Generalization of Employees
    Generalizing or stereotyping a workforce through the design and layout is not right. Maybe the majority of a workplace is occupied by young people, but calling it specifically designed for ‘millennials’ is the wrong way to go about it. Maybe not everyone is comfortable working in an open space, while some people just cannot work in a place without interaction. It is all about reading the specifics and addressing them.

  • Adaptability
    For startups, the common and biggest issue is their finances. So if a startup cannot afford to go overboard with their office design, they have to be more adaptable with the office space and a little careful with the budget.

  • Support to the Team
    Support from management is important for the employees. When there is clear communication between management and employees, there is a feeling of contentment that evokes pride and loyalty in the employees of a place.

  • Curating the Culture
    The design of the office is the primary impression of the company’s background and history. The office never decides the culture. It is the culture that decides the office. For a startup, where the positions at the top are few, the competition to get there is always fierce. As it is, a startup should only attract employees with the same fierceness and utmost dedication. This attraction is only possible by providing them with the right environment.
    Why Should Startups Care About The Office Design/Layout?

  • Accessibility and Connectivity
    The layout and design of the office should, in all manners, aid the connectivity between different departments. This connectivity is the heart and soul of all productivity, and therefore, should be kept alive.

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