Why Virtual Office and Why Now?

A virtual office allows workers to work remotely while being present at a desirable location. A virtual workplace has made it very convenient for companies to have the benefits of a physical office. This eliminates many issues:  such as managing mail, answering phone calls and providing meeting spaces for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Operating a virtual office in Noida and Gurgaon can be a lot easier if you use a virtual office space facility. We have spoken to many business owners about why they think virtual office space service is important to them. And, here are some of the common reasons why you should also consider a virtual office now: 

Private address

Who wants to deal with business in a private home? It doesn’t matter how you operate, but it is necessary to show professionalism when you are in the business world. Inviting clients or visitors to your home is a major setback for the reputation of your company. And, all this can be dealt with by just renting out an affordable and cheapest virtual office in Gurgaon. The best part about virtual offices is that they give you the amenities and space with an official address and not your private address. 

Conduct meeting in an office space

You can meet your clients and hold a meeting in an office space. You can get access to beautiful decor meeting spaces where the client feels comfortable and relaxed. When the environment of an office space creates such a soothing aura, it results in a productive meeting. And, who doesn’t like to meet in such offices and talk about business? It is set up with such an ambience to work and discuss business-related matters. And with so many affordable and cheap virtual offices in Gurgaon, you have all the choices to make and take up these virtual offices closest to your proximity. 

Email and phone reception services

Every business needs a business staff to support personnel work for communications. 

 At ALtF, the virtual office space,  you will find that we offer such services where we have a receptionist who will take care of answering business calls and emails. And, they will take the responsibility to send you the details so that you can focus only on your business and leave the rest of the work to us. 

No long term commitments

When you rent a virtual office, you are not obliged to sign a yearly contract with the office. Like most virtual offices, we take contracts only on a monthly or ad hoc basis. You do not have to make any long term commitments compared to the traditional way of renting an office space. This saves you a lot of money and pays for the virtual office as long as you need the space.


Your visitors can visit you at your location. Office spaces always have their address on geolocation, which makes it easy for visitors to reach the location without hassle. Like others, we also have a location near the heart of the city and this makes it very convenient for a first time visitor to locate our office. 

No commute

Since your business is running online, there’s no need to commute to an office. Everything is operating online and cutting on your commute contributes to saving the planet. You are reducing carbon emissions and carbon footprint in this world. Apart from this, you are free from traffic jams, works from the comfort of your home. You get to spend more time on being productive than wasting time on commuting.


What are the reasons businesses choose a virtual office?

  • Flexibility
  • Low cost set up
  • Cut on commute
  • Suitable for lifestyle
  • More productive
  • More time for oneself
  • Work in your comfort zone

What is a virtual office used for?

A virtual office gives a business a physical address and related services to run their business. It is available for businesses to have meetings, get mails delivered to the address. Workers d can work remote from the comfort of their home and attend meetings whenever required at this office space rented by the company.

When did the virtual office start working?

Virtual office services started in the 1960s  and expanded over the years. 

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