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There used to be a time when people did not comprehend the meaning of Work from home. After work shifted from offices to home after the pandemic, people finally came to understand the meaning and benefits of working from home. But, overall does it benefit the employees or companies in the long run?

 What is beneficial? Working at Home or Shared Office Spaces?

Working from home feels good as you get to work from the comfort of your own home. Does it help in your productivity, focus? For a person staying alone, it is easier to adjust to everything and work from home. But as a family person, there is always a distraction in and around the house, concentration is difficult.  

When the world started healing, companies were resuming back to work. But, most of them have a different concept of giving up traditional office spaces and opting for shared office space. They have adopted the method of mixing both home working and coworking shared space, and it has given them better results in terms of productivity, cost, etc. 

But the question most of you have in mind is: Which is better? Working from home or shared coworking space?

Keep reading more to find out how you can get the best of both worlds:


Time is always of the essence, and productivity can come at any time of the day. For most people, they are not early risers, they like to work late, so working from home is a good option for them. But, co-working space is not limited to a certain time, it gives people the flexibility to work at any time convenient to them. Working in a shared space is not different from home, the only difference is that you have to travel, but you get a good working environment to get inspired and be motivated from the other working groups. 


Everyone works to get paid, profits etc. And, budgeting your daily expenses is important. When you work from home, you are cutting on the travel expenses, but does it match the cost of your electricity bills etc or wifi bills? When you type in a shared workspace near me, you will find the closest shared office space in Noida and Gurgaon, they are close to your home. So, calculate your walking expenses and other amenities! Do they match up to your savings, profits etc? It’s your call to decide what suits you best for you as an individual or a company?


You all have a different role to play at work, and all these roles need a different kind of working environment. Working from home is suitable for almost all the roles as long as you have internet access. Roles like accounting, sales, psychiatrist, etc can be better working from home only because of sensitive data. But if you are working on such roles, do not limit yourself to exploring coworking shared space for more focus and productivity. Some roles are usable for both working from home or shared spaces: retail, corporate, lawyers, marketing, manufacturing etc. 

Work-life balance

Working from home gives everyone the comfort to work in their own space. The rules to working are best when seated on a desk and chair, there’s more concentration, while working from home gives you the option to procrastinate. In a shared space, it is the best option for a good work-life balance and your mind is more open to hours set for the day, you can just go home and shut off work for the day. 


Why is coworking better than working from home?

The main benefits of working in a shared space are professionalism, productivity and socialising. We, humans, are social animals and we need a break now and then to have social interactions between work. 

Is it better to work at home or in an office?

There have been many studies that show remote working is better than working from home. However, working from home lessens 10 mins of your productivity as working from an office. 

Why should employees not work from home?

Working from home has its benefits, but it’s detrimental to employees’ mental health.

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