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AltF Plaza Mall

4th Floor, Plaza Mall

Sector 28

MG Road


MG Road

Landmark - MG Road Metro Station (400m), Location

Phone - 9821593811

Starting at ?8,000/month

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Our Options

Dedicated Desk
₹7,000/ mo Get a Call Back
Private Offices Starting Price
1 seater Private Office ₹9,500 / mo Get a Call Back
2 seater Private Office ₹24,000 / mo Get a Call Back
3 seater Private Office ₹28,500 / mo Get a Call Back
4 seater Private Office ₹38,000 / mo Get a Call Back
6 seater Private Office ₹57,000 / mo Get a Call Back
7 seater Private Office ₹66,500 / mo Get a Call Back
8 seater Private Office ₹76,000 / mo Get a Call Back
9 seater Private Office ₹85,500 / mo Get a Call Back
10 seater Private Office ₹95,000 / mo Get a Call Back
11-20 seater Private Office ₹1,90,000 / mo Get a Call Back
21-50 seater Private office ₹4,75,000 / mo Get a Call Back
Larger teams +91 98215 93815 Get a Call Back

- A min walk from Iffco Chowk and Highway, this space is located right at start of MG Road

Monday - 9am to 8pm

Tuesday - 9am to 8pm

Wednesday - 9am to 8pm

Thursday - 9am to 8pm

Friday - 9am to 8pm

Saturday - 9am to 8pm

Sunday - Not Operational

- Ample car parking spots available in & around the building at a reasonable price

- Walking distance from MG Road Metro Station

- Centrally air-conditioned with complete power backup

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Looking for Independent Office ?

Coworking is not everyone's cup of tea. Some businesses are meant to have an independent office.


From finding the right location to custom-made layout, designing and furnishing it according to your brand values, we will take care of it all. 

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AltF Plaza Mall - Office Spaces in MG Road, Gurgaon

The belief of owning workplaces is contracting as coworking spaces are advancing. If you are opting for a shared office, you don't need to pay for an entire floor. It would be a wrong decision to pay for a property where you would not be using half of its space. If you are planning for a start-up, all you need to do is pick a plan of your choice (for this situation a team room) and pay just for the room you are utilizing.

One such coworking space is AltF Plaza Mall in Gurgaon. Situated at an eye-catching area, you make certain to have a boom in your business!

Why Choose AltF Plaza Coworking Space?

Coworking office is on the ascent among independent ventures, freelancers, and consultants. It is often noticed that numerous business communities rent out shared office at a nominal charge. AltF Plaza Mall- Office Spaces for Rent in MG Road, Gurgaon is the best coworking space to bring out greatest efficiency.

Why Will Your Work Boost If You Choose Coworking Office?

  • Look matters- Most of the experts may require a professional looking space at a moderate cost. An office that is more coordinated can pull in potential colleagues. For freelancers or consultants who are want a perfect space in budget to conduct different undertakings, AltF Plaza Mall in MG Road, Gurgaon settles all your needs under one roof.
  • High on productivity- Working at home can bring heaps of unsettling influences except if you have an appropriate setup. There will be occasions when you would talk to your friends on phone and realize that you just wasted an hour! Thus, a coworking office allows you to work in the correct environment.
  • Meet up with clients- It would not look proficient to welcome clients at a bistro or at your home. Financial specialists would doubtlessly check the reality of your work. In such circumstance, a coworking space plays an important role. These offices lets its users pay only for the utilities you are choosing to use.
  • Cost-Effectiveness- It is seen that people step back on account of the significant expense of the properties. Nonetheless, a shared office offers everybody the chance to pick their kind of work areas/rooms at a moderate cost and at the same time allows you to access cafeteria and different conveniences round the clock.
  • Networking- Networking has become the prime focus. Any individual can undoubtedly land that profession that they generally longed for through networking. A large portion of individuals lean towards coworking office for positive turn of events. You will meet different experts from various professions that make a pool of chances for everyone to start a new venture. Visit AltF Plaza Mall in MG Road, Gurgaon to boost your work.
  • No isolation- Sometimes working alone can bring demoralization. When you have individuals around, it gives you the lift to fill in as well as makes you more become more productive and serious about your work. Additionally, when you pick coworking office, you know how long you need to devote on your undertaking.
  • If you are searching for coworking office at the core of the city then AltF Plaza Mall is what you need.

    Best Coworking Space in MG Road, Gurgaon

    AltF Plaza Mall is the best coworking space in MG Road, Gurgaon to boost your productivity.

    AltF has emerged with private co-working spaces in MG Road at AltF Plaza Mall (Near MG Road Metro Station) with the right facilities you need to make your day productive.

    AltF Plaza Mall- Showering Only The Best

    AltF Plaza Mall provides some breathtaking amenities that makes coworking fun and productive. It is placed just under 400 m from MG Road metro station. The operational hours are from 9am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday. The office is centrally air conditioned. You get private offices that you can choose as per your work size. You also get ample car parking space.

    Start Networking Today!

    Coworking office has gained preeminent popularity because of its astounding advantages. The minimal financial plan, the adaptability of time, the amenities offered, and of course, the ideal location it is placed at makes it a champ. AltF Plaza Mall offers some of the best perks to start your day with the right boost of energy.

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