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AltF Veritas

5th Floor, Veritas Tower

Sector 53

Golf Course Road


Golf Course road

Landmark - Ibis Hotel, Location

Phone - 9821593811

Pricing Starts Rs.7000/seat

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Our Options

Dedicated Desk
₹7,000/ mo Get a Call Back
Private Offices Starting Price
1 seater Private Office ₹9,500 /mo Get a Call Back
2 seater Private Office ₹24,000 /mo Get a Call Back
3 seater Private Office ₹28,500 /mo Get a Call Back
4 seater Private office ₹38,000 /mo Get a Call Back
6 seater Private Office ₹57,000 /mo Get a Call Back
7 seater Private Office ₹66,500 /mo Get a Call Back
8 seater Private Office ₹76,000 /mo Get a Call Back
9 seater Private Office ₹85,500 /mo Get a Call Back
10 seater Private Office ₹95,000 /mo Get a Call Back
11-20 seater Private Office ₹1,90,000 /mo Get a Call Back
21-50 seater Private office ₹4,75,000 /mo Get a Call Back
Larger teams +91 98215 93815 Get a Call Back

 There are 4 kinds of products being offered at this location -

- Shared Space

- Director Cabin

- Private Team Room

- Enterprise Offices

- Placed in the complex of Ibis Hotel on Golf Course Road 

- A min walk from Sector 43 Rapid Metro Station

Monday - 9am to 8pm

Tuesday - 9am to 8pm

Wednesday - 9am to 8pm

Thursday - 9am to 8pm

Friday - 9am to 8pm

Saturday - 9am to 8pm

Sunday - Not Operational

- Ample car parking spots available around the building

- Strategically located on main Golf Course Road with good metro connectivity to Sector 53-54 Rapid Metro

- Centrally airconditioned with complete power backup

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Looking for Independent Office ?

Coworking is not everyone's cup of tea. Some businesses are meant to have an independent office.


From finding the right location to custom-made layout, designing and furnishing it according to your brand values, we will take care of it all. 

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AltF Veritas- Office Spaces in Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

When you have the opportunity to pick the kind of desk, room or cabin without paying an additional dime, you unquestionably can't disregard the advantages of coworking office. On the off chance that you have been thinking for a start-up and not ready to spend a humungous sum to purchase an office, the most ideal choice to go for would be a coworking office. It permits you to focus on your work without allowing you to feel monotonous. AltF Veritas in Golf Course Road, Gurgaon is an astounding place to visit that allows you to work in the right environment.

AltF Veritas - Changing the Trend in the Coworking Space Industry?

Pick the kind of room/work area/desk you need according to your type of work and at the point when you pick your plan, you simply pay for what you use and not for a whole floor. AltF Veritas is a great choice for and is located at an ideal place with has all the amenities that you might look for.

  • More straightforwardness- In a hyper strain world, it gets hard to straightforwardly approach the manager in an old work environment. The managers typically utilize yearly surveys with representatives as the lone methods for correspondence to give any of kind of feedback. To have the correct workplace, it is critical to guarantee straightforward correspondence between the managers and the employees. Coworking spaces offer the chance to convey anything on expert and individual lives with less hesitation. AltF Veritas in Golf Course Road, Gurgaon is one such place to search for.
  • Increase in employee commitment- Employee commitment has become the prime need of the hour. On the off chance that the worker is demotivated, it will straightforwardly affect the profitability. Henceforth, organizations are currently zeroing in on understanding the kind of advances, measures, workplace, and technologies the representatives need to expand efficiency. All these perks give way to coworking spaces and makes it an ideal choice for anyone.
  • Solving HR related queries- Coworking office helps in settling HR issues. It permits the HR to give a legitimate knowledge about the representatives to settle on better choices about talent management, efficiency, and satisfaction.
  • Optimizing workspaces- Work climate is unquestionably determined by coordinated effort and execution. Organizations should stand apart with regards to work environments as it turns into a significant tool for the employees. It creates organizational culture and brand. This in the long run expands the efficiency and a decrease in land cost. If you actualize improvement methodologies, a ton can be saved without hampering the benefits. Space has consistently been a test for any business association. Subsequently, coworking office not only offers the right space and amenities, but helps you build your brand with minimal paperwork.
  • Are You Looking for Coworking Space in Golf Course Road, Gurgaon?

    AltF Veritas is the best coworking space in Golf Course Road, Gurgaon to boost your productivity. AltF has emerged with private co-working spaces in Golf Course Road at AltF Veritas (Near Ibis Hotel) with the facilities you exactly need to make your day productive.

    Where is AltF Veritas?

    AltF Veritas is located at Golf Course Extension, Sector 53 Gurgaon. The nearest landmark is Ibis Hotel. It is a minute walk from Sector 43 Rapid Metro Station.

    The Perks of AltF Veritas Office Space

    AltF Veritas offers you 4 kinds of seating arrangements-

  • Director cabin
  • Shared space
  • Private team room
  • Enterprise office
  • The Facilities

  • Ample car parking space available
  • It is centrally air-conditioned with complete power backup
  • It is a minute drive from Sector 43 Rapid Metro Station
  • Situated at prime location at golf course road
  • Coworking spaces have advanced radically because of umpteen reasons. The first reason is the relentless ascent in the cost of the property. Individuals as a rule set aside a great deal of effort to recuperate those costs alongside focusing on business benefits. To evade this burden, a ton of business houses have thought of coworking offices and one such place to visit to get all the benefits is AltF Veritas.

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