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CoWorking Space in Noida

AltF Statesman House     |   Connaught Place
AltF Baani GCR     |   Golf Course road
AltF Udyog Vihar     |   Udyog Vihar
AltF Noida Expressway     |   Noida Expressway
AltF Global Foyer     |   Golf Course Road
AltF Success Tower     |   Golf Course Extension
AltF Empire Square     |   MG Road
AltF Plaza Mall     |   MG Road
AltF Statesman House     |   Connaught Place
AltF Statesman House     |   Connaught Place
AltF Baani GCR     |   Golf Course road
AltF Udyog Vihar     |   Udyog Vihar
AltF Global Foyer     |   Golf Course Road
AltF Success Tower     |   Golf Course Extension
AltF Empire Square     |   MG Road
AltF Plaza Mall     |   MG Road
AltF Empire Square     |   MG Road
AltF Plaza Mall     |   MG Road
AltF Baani GCR     |   Golf Course road
AltF Global Foyer     |   Golf Course Road
AltF Success Tower     |   Golf Course Extension
AltF Udyog Vihar     |   Udyog Vihar
AltF Noida Expressway     |   Noida Expressway
AltF Noida Expressway     |   Noida Expressway

Looking for Independent Office ?

Coworking is not everyone's cup of tea. Some businesses are meant to have an independent office.


From finding the right location to custom-made layout, designing and furnishing it according to your brand values, we will take care of it all. 

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Co-working Space in Noida

The time has come to rule out the old office workspace and get acquainted with affordable co-working in Noida, the core of thriving business. So, how is co-working space different? Individuals who work in coworking office by and large aren't working for a similar organization. Individuals may work contrastingly on various activities, or they may work in gatherings on similar ventures.

Solve your office space and surge your profit!

Co-working in Noida for rent provides the correct equilibrium of network to flood in business. Additionally, on the off chance that you have been searching for coworking space for startups, then Noida should be one of your options. While it is an ideal spot to begin, you get the occasion to enjoy the magnificence of the spot.

Have you been searching for co-working space in Noida?

Co-working space for rent in Noida not just encourages you save money on leader grade business office space yet in addition gives simple admittance to corporate centers. It is without a doubt that Noida has arisen as best business coworking space address. Did you know that Noida encompasses a massive number of startups and makes it an ideal location to get you started?

Things to consider while choosing the best coworking space in Noida

Let’s quickly walk you through a brief guide to help you choose your shared office

  • The right conveniences- Your coworking office space in Noida must have all the conveniences that one anticipates. Some of the shared office spaces may submit the best choices, however are not sufficient. You need to remember that a full-equipped workspace accompanies a great deal of cost. Thus, pick the shared workspace that doesn't upset the equilibrium of being both amiable and efficient.
  • Varied options- An office with greater space permits you to grow easily once you see your business surging. It won't be a smart thought to constantly move addresses, right?
  • Economically viable- Searching cheap coworking space with the correct pleasantries can be quite a work. Beginning a business requires bunches of venture and thus, you would need to keep your costs absolute minimum and pick the correct co working space rent close to you.

The importance of co-working in Noida

Get ready to avail some mind-boggling perks when you choose the right business coworking 

  • Flexibility- Choosing the right place can add advantages to your work. If you have a sudden requirement to work at night, you can certainly enjoy working at flexible hours when the right place is chosen.
  • Helping each other- Have you ever felt isolated while working alone? Well, most of us have felt this way often. However, with coworking space, you will be more connected. You can choose when and how to interact with the other members.
  • Prime location- Choosing the right place for coworking can bring about a massive change. Client meetings become stress-free. You not only get all the conveniences, but also a variety of options for restaurants, shops and transportation when you step out!
  • A smooth graph in productivity- It is often challenging to get out of bed. A social atmosphere will always motivate you to jump out of your bed and head to your coworking office and start your work right away.
  • Cost-effective- Office space can cost a fortune at times. The best option is to go for shared workspace to make it an affordable setting. Just pay for the things you are actually using!
  • Job control- Coworking spaces are usually accessible 24/7. This lets you decide how you want your work to be done. Whether you want to put in a long day to meet your deadline or want to indulge in keeping yourself fit, it’s all up to you.

Have you been looking for co-working office in Noida?

If you have been searching for the right coworking space near you, then it’s time to take a tour at AltF Coworking.

AltF has emerged with private co-working spaces in Noida with the facilities you exactly need to make your day productive.

Where in Noida?

AltF has set up its shared workspace in Noida Expressway to usher you with a pleasant atmosphere to get you started for the day.

Facilities that AltF Coworking offers

Get introduced to the breathtaking amenities that this coworking space has to offer you at the right price-

  • A terrace garden is offered to relieve you from the day long stress.
  • Step out from the metro station and your destination is just under 400 m!
  • You get private offices of all sizes as per your convenience.
  • The refreshing natural light will brighten up your mood whereas the indoor relief zones is just perfect for the break.

Office Options According to the Size of Your Work

AltF has come up with various office options like-

  • Team Room- This office accommodates 1-20 members and is ideal for startups.
  • Team Office- This office accommodates 21-50 members and is ideal for SME’s.
  • Enterprise Office- It offers a beautiful space that accommodates less than 50 members and is perfect for corporates.
  • Director Cabin- A cabin for individuals like managers/CXO’s.
  • Dedicated Seat- If you are a freelancer or a consultant and want your own dedicated seat, this is exactly for you.
  • Meeting Rooms- For all the important meetings and internal discussions, this room is ideal for teams.
  • Virtual Office- To create a presence in multiple locations, this office is ideal for SME’s and corporates.

Has safety been your concern?

AltF delivers highest standards of safety and hygiene. It has designed its cleaning protocols to offer utmost safety to every individual.

You Get-

  • Distanced sitting
  • Temperature screening
  • Sanitization

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documentation do I need?

For individuals, a photo ID and address proof of the user is required. For companies, a copy of PAN card as well as a copy of Memorandum of Association is required additionally.

  • Why should I choose coworking over conventional office?

Coworking spaces provide economical solution as compared to conventional offices. It takes away the burden of maintaining and renting an office, allowing you to concentrate on your work. It also provides a platform to connect, interact and grow.

  • How do I organize meetings in coworking space?

It is completely a hassle-free procedure to organize any kind of meeting. AltF’s online booking tool allows you to conveniently book a meeting room at any time.


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