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Shared Office Spaces For Rent in Cyber City, Gurgaon

Shared Offices For Rent Near Cyber City

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    Starts Rs 7,000/seat

  • Udyog Vihar

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  • AltF Plans

    Starts Rs 7,000/seat

  • Golf Course Road

  • 9821593811
  • AltF Plans

    Starts Rs 7,000/seat

  • MG Road

  • 9821593811

Shared Offices

Look forward to Mondays with fully-equipped shared offices designed for fresh ideas, productivity, organic networking, and month-to-month flexibility.

Why Choose a shared office Solution?

Shared Office Spaces for Rent in Cyber City Gurgaon

If you are a freelancer, remote worker or an entrepreneur in need of shared office space for rent in Cyber City Gurgaon, then you are in the right place to be. AltF has various shared office spaces for rent not only in Cyber City Gurgaon but also in other areas of Gurgaon as well as Noida. We have a variety of office solutions available like virtual offices, fixed offices, flexible offices, dedicated desks, team rooms, meeting rooms, director cabins, enterprise offices and much more. You can choose the space based on the size of your work. You can also book on demand spaces on hourly, daily or weekly basis. You can schedule a visit from our website by filling out a short questionnaire form with basic necessary details or you can also request a call back from our website. We will reach out to you shortly. You can also directly pay a visit to our shared office spaces. This will help you in knowing the place and our services betterly. You will get to know about the environment, services available, culture, neighbourhood at our office spaces. AltF also provides an option of a free trial before booking a space for rent in Cyber City Gurgaon.

Why take AltF shared offices for rent in Cyber City Gurgaon?

Even though there are a lot of shared office spaces available for rent in Cyber City Gurgaon, choosing the AltF shared office space is the best option for so many reasons. Choosing AltF shared office space has many advantages, some of which are listed below.

Cost Efficiency

AltF has the shared office spaces for rent in Cyber City Gurgaon at the best prices available in the market. Our pricing is designed for businesses to start with maximum ease. As compared to other shared office spaces, you will find our pricing to be a business friendly model. There are various premium offices that you can choose from, all according to your budget. Some of the available options include flexible office, enterprise office, virtual office, team office and much more. There are many ways of saving your money at AltF. Like there are yearly packages available which on opting will help you save more. Also there are various pricing packages based on location, you can choose the one that suits you best and helps you to save on your expenses. Moreover, AltF does not charge any security or lock-ins like other shattered office spaces do.


AltF shared office spaces for rent in Cyber City Gurgaon have the top notch amenities and services available. Working at these places will feel like home. Some of the amenities available at AltF shared office spaces include free access to wifi, housekeeping services, pantry, 24/7 access, private storage box, tea and coffee, snacks, rejuvenating terrace garden, free access to meeting and conference rooms and much more. There are some paid services also available which can be availed at reasonable prices.


AltF’s all shared office spaces for rent in Cyber City Gurgaon are located at prime locations and are in close proximity to the metro stations (under 400m). These spaces are easily accessible through public transport. There are various shopping complexes, restaurants in their vicinity and are located near known landmarks.

24/7 Access

AltF’s all shared office spaces for rent in Cyber City Gurgaon have 24/7 access. Some companies prefer to work in day shifts, some in early morning shifts or late night shifts while the others in afternoon shifts. Also, there are some job roles which demand night shifts only. So, whether your shift is in day or night, you can access AltF shared office spaces at any time. There is no constraint of timing at AltF shared office spaces. So, stop your search and book a space with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is completely a hassle-free procedure to organize any kind of meeting at AltF shared office spaces. AltF’s online booking tool allows you to conveniently book a meeting room at any time. You can also cancel it whenever you want.

Yes, you can. AltF issues No Objection Certificate (NOC) for registration. Once your subscription period ends, you can easily withdraw the NOC by following a small procedure.

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