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Business Address Plan

  • Usage of Business Address
  • Mail Management & Courier Facility
  • Concierge Services
  • Access to the Lounge Areas
  • 100% Cashback to book Meeting Rooms / Day Passes / Flexi Spaces at any of our locations
  • Actual Price / Month Rs. 1,499/-
  • Cashback 100% Rs. -1,499/-
  • Your Price / Month Rs. 0 /month

GST / Business Registration Plan

  • All Features of Business Address Plan
  • Supporting Docs for Business & GST Registration
  • Supporting NOC
  • Access to the Lounge Areas
  • 100% Cashback to book Meeting Rooms / Day Passes / Flexi Spaces at any of our locations
  • Actual Price / Month Rs. 2,499/-
  • Cashback 100% Rs. -2,499/-
  • Your Price / Month Rs. 0 /month

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With a virtual office plan, you get back 100% cashback to book flexible resources anywhere anytime.


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100% Cashback

Get the 100% billed amount in cashback to utilize Meeting Rooms, Day Passes or Flexible spaces.


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Get all the required onboarding documents within 2 hours of your confirmation.


No Security Deposit

No Security Deposit Get started without blocking any cash flow in the Security Deposit.


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Get additional 10% Discount if you can find a more affordable solution.

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AltF Virtual Office In Noida - Meet Organically & Work Flexibly

Maintaining a physical office can be costly for businesses like startups that have multiple freelancers on their payroll. Switching to an alternative makes more sense especially now that the pandemic has limited the scope of travel.

Believe it or not, the pandemic was just a catalyst in nudging companies to move to pocket-friendly options like a virtual office. In fact, data suggests that there has been a sharp shift from traditional to virtual offices in Noida like AltF over the past 5 years.

Premium Virtual Address In Noida For Your Business

Switching to a virtual office will allow you to build a thriving business without the hassle of paying bills for a physical office location. This also means that your employees can work remotely from anywhere in the world. But wait, there's more.

A virtual office space in Noida offered by coworking spaces like AltF will give you access to perks like a physical business address. There are two benefits to this. One, your business has a home (on paper).

Two, your employees can visit the coworking space for a meet and greet to socialise and build a strong bond.

Benefits Of Getting a Business Address Plan with AltF

  • 1. A physical business address
  • 2. Mail management and courier facilities
  • 3. Concierge services
  • 4. Access to the Lounge Areas

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How Virtual Office Space In Noida Can Benefit Business?

Cities in India like Noida and Gurgaon are becoming the go-to place for coworking and virtual office spaces. Broadly speaking, you can access these 5 benefits by setting up a virtual office space in Noida:

1. Save Up To 25%

Various surveys and reports suggest that switching to a virtual office can help you cut up to 1/4th of the cost that you'd normally spend on a physical office. Having access to 25% more money is important especially for startups who can put that money to use in marketing and distribution.

2. More Productivity

Spending less time travelling to an office will give your employees more time to be productive and focus on core company tasks that can boost revenue. That's what 42% of professionals from a Zapier survey believe.

3. Greater Flexibility

Moving to a virtual office space in Noida like AltF means that your employees can work from the comfort of their homes. Employees who work remotely have been known to use the time they'd otherwise spend travelling to work on learning new courses and upskilling.

4. Go International

Switching to a virtual office means that you are not limited by geography. You can hire employees from around the globe even if you're working out of Noida. This is, as many companies would agree, a boon to carving a pathway for future success, collaboration, and revenue growth.

5. Easy To Set Up

A virtual office space is simple to set up. Companies like AltF coworking can use their expertise to quickly set up a virtual office for your business and give you access to pay as you go services based on your needs.

Virtual Office for Company & GST Registration Made Easy

Any company that operates in India must go through business & GST registration to be considered a legal business even if they have a virtual office. Lucky for you, AltF makes it easy to get your business & GST registration done quickly.

Benefits Of Business & GST Registration With AltF

  • 1. Business address plan
  • 2. Supporting documents for Business & GST Registration
  • 3. Supporting NOC
  • 4. Access to the Lounge Areas
  • The process for getting your business & GST registration with AltF will look like this:

    • Fill out a simple online form
    • Speak to AltF's point of contact
    • Sign the agreement
    • Did you know, you can get 100% cashback to book meeting rooms, day passes, and flexi spaces at any AltF location. Call us to know more

      Why Choose AltF?

      It's important to set up a virtual office with a business that is thorough and cognizant of what your business needs. Truth be told, a one size fits all plan doesn't work when it comes to a virtual office. You need specialisation and that's where AltF excels.

      1. Quick Setup

      AltF can help you set up a virtual office with a business plan and GST registration in a matter of hours. AltF is known to have one of the quickest onboarding turnaround times in the country.

      2. No Security Deposit

      Don't burn your cash by paying a security deposit. Instead, use it to grow your business with AltF's premium virtual office services.

      3. Best Price Guaranteed

      AltF offers the most affordable virtual office service in India. In fact, if you find a better solution, you can get a 10% discount.

      4. 100% Cashback

      You have the option to use 100% of the billed virtual space amount to utilise meeting rooms, day passes, or flexible spaces.

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      1. Is a virtual office worth it?

      A virtual office saves you money and allows you to hire from a broader pool of employees across the globe. That's why a virtual office space in Noida like AltF is worth it for organizations that want to grow rapidly on a tight budget.

      2. How much do virtual offices cost?

      The monthly price of a virtual office can cost anywhere between ₹4000 to ₹5000. However, leading virtual office providers like AltF help get started for as low as ₹2,499 with additional perks like a business address, supporting docs for business & GST registration, supporting NOC, mail & courier management, access to the lounge areas.

      3. Who needs a virtual office?

      The short answer - every company regardless of size! The long answer - it's a myth that virtual offices are only for small enterprises like startups. Turns out, even large organizations are moving their satellite offices to a virtual setting so that they can cut costs and give their employees more flexibility.

      4. What is virtual address for GST registration?

      Any company that wants to legally run its business in India must have a GST registration. Furthermore, your company needs to have a physical office address for GST registration.

      However, you can opt for a virtual office space that coworking giants like AltF give you access to. It'll provide you with a physical location so that your GST registration goes through smoothly.

      5. How do I open a virtual office?

      The easiest way to set up a virtual office is to contact AltF who can get you started in just two hours. The signup process is simple and involves a straightforward online form.

      Once you fill that in, a representative from AltF will get in touch with you and walk you through the registration process. After that, you can sign the necessary documents and own a virtual office space of your own.

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